Here’s When to Use These 3 Common Stand Mixer Attachments

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Mixers come with so many different attachments that it’s sometimes difficult to determine which one you should use. Using the wrong tool can lead to messing up the recipe and putting the life of your mixer at risk. If you’re someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen, this little guide will definitely be helpful. Discover the difference between these three common attachments.

Use the Mixer’s Dough Hook for Dough

The name of this attachment pretty much speaks for itself. Use this one when making any dish that involves yeast, such as pizza, bread, pasta, and buns.

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This mixer attachment is particularly helpful if you’re dealing with heavier dough, as it saves you time and energy. If your dough hook is spiral-shaped, it will do the job.

A Flat Beater for Common Baking

Rest assured that the flat beater tool will quickly become your best friend. It will help you beat heavier mixtures such as mashed potatoes, cake and cookie batters, meatloaf, frostings, and more.

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If you love baking, you can use it to easily cream butter and sugar. It’s perfect if you’re making a cake or a homemade frosting. If your mixer comes with a few beaters, we recommend using the flat one for optimal results.

Handle Delicate Mixtures With a Wire Whip

While the other two attachments are mainly used for heavy textures, the wire whip is used for light, delicate mixes. This tool is a game changer when it comes to homemade whipped cream, angel food cake, or meringue. You can easily guess which one it is by its appearance, as it is also called a balloon whisk. Use it for all sensitive ingredients that need a more gentle touch, such as egg whites.

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We don’t recommend using the wire whip for heavy textures as the mixture will stick to the center of your mixer and will be difficult to clean. Now that you know what these three attachments are for, you can approach your cooking and baking with a lot more confidence!