There’s an Easier Way to Cut Up Mango — Here’s How to Do it!

Many would agree that mangos are a super delicious and juicy fruit, but cutting them up is usually a real struggle. We totally agree with that! For that reason, we want to help all mango-loving people out there to enjoy this fruit as often as you want but without shedding sweat and tears first.

Preparation Is Key

Sliced and cut mango
As with anything else, the key to a perfectly sliced mango (without slicing fingers!) is to prepare well. You will need a Y-shaped peeler, paper towel or dish towel, a chef’s knife, a cutting board, and of course your mango.

The Steps to Take to Cut a Mango

Step 1

Start by peeling the mango from the bottom using your Y-shaped peeler. Remove all the skin, but if the mango isn’t quite ripe, keep on peeling until you reach bright yellow. As you are exposing more of the pulp, use your towel to hold the mango so it doesn’t slip in your hands. Peel away the tips too.

Step 2

Then, place your mango on the cutting board and determine its tallest line. The pit will be sitting on the tallest side of the fruit. Keep holding the mango with the towel and start cutting it in the center, avoiding the pit. You will have to adjust the angle of your knife when you feel the pit. Slice the sides while avoiding the pit.

Step 3

After you’ve cut the majority of the pulp, hold the pit vertically and trim the remainings off the pit. In the end, you only need to slice your bigger pieces into smaller wedges, ready to be eaten!

Step 4

Congratulations, you just cut up your mango perfectly and without any hassle! Just imagine how much cash you are going to save from getting pre-cut mangos. Enjoy your favorite fruit fresher and whenever it’s ripened perfectly. No need to thank us!