Easy Ways to Make a Cup of Greek Yogurt Way Less Boring

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Greek yogurt is a well-known and loved snack that is widely available. It’s packed with healthy fats and protein and is perfect for satisfying your sugar cravings throughout the day. However, plain Greek yogurt could use some help to taste even better. Here are a few easy ways to add flavor to your snack, particularly if you want to try something different or are up for a little change from the norm.

Different Types and Dips

From nonfat and low-fat to full-fat products, there are many options at the supermarket. If you have been sticking to a particular type of Greek yogurt, you might want to switch things up a little. The full-fat option will make you feel fuller for longer and is the perfect base for savory and sweet add-ins.

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You can also try a yogurt dip! The combination of potato chips and yogurt will pleasantly surprise you. Mix Greek yogurt with sour cream or mayo and fresh or dried herbs. You can also add lemon juice, black pepper, or other seasonings. Once your dip is ready, take a bag of your favorite chips and enjoy a movie night with your friends.

Add Some Crunch or Fruit

Many people have added granola or muesli to their yogurt before. However, that’s not the only option you have. Why not get creative and add some nuts or different types of seeds? They’re crunchy and add a lot of fiber to your snack. If you want something savory, you can scoop with chips or chopped veggies.

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Mixing Greek yogurt with fruit is another classic move. If you’ve already tried this combination with bananas and berries, you can try it with tropical fruits like pineapple, watermelon, and mango. If you can’t find any fresh fruit, frozen or canned fruits work well.

Try Out the Popular “Sundae” Trick

Take some inspiration from TikTok and make your own “sundae.” Add peanut butter to a cup of plain yogurt, drizzle melted chocolate on top and add whole or chopped peanuts. Leave in the freezer to chill and enjoy your ice cream-like snack!

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You might find it odd, but adding a pinch of salt to your yogurt can make it taste even better. Even if you’ve gone for sweet toppings, salt will help combine all the flavors by taking out the bitter taste you often find in higher fat content.

Dermatologists Point Out the Main Causes for Yellow Nails

While many people like to maintain a great manicure, no one likes to see fingernails that are tinged yellow. According to dermatologists, there are several causes that can lead to yellow nails, and they can all be combated.

Dark Nail Polish Can Give Nails a Yellow Coloration

woman with healthy nails

Wearing a lot of dark nail polish could have a bad effect on the nails because they are quite porous and can absorb the pigment of the darker shades of nail polish. The iron oxides used in those polishes will become oxidized quickly and give a temporary yellow, rust-like color to the nails. Fortunately, this is not permanent and will eventually disappear once the nail polish is no longer being applied. To avoid that, people can apply a clear base coat before using heavily pigmented polishes. Going without nail polish from time to time can also have a therapeutic effect on the nails.

Fungus Can Cause Yellow Nails

Nails with fungus

One can catch fungus using public showers like those at the gym or some other facility. Not wearing shower shoes also increases the chance of getting a fungal infection at those places. In addition to being unpleasant, nail and toe fungus can cause the nails to go yellow or even green. So, what can be done? The most effective course of action in such cases is to go speak to a dermatologist who can recommend proper treatment depending on the source of the discoloration.

Vitamin Deficiency Can Give Nails the Yellow Color

It isn’t clear how chronic lung disease and poor liver function lead to yellow nails, but they do. The fact is that people who suffer from these conditions have a greater chance of experiencing yellow nails. Other common reasons include vitamin deficiencies for B-12. Vitamin deficiency can lead to nail discoloration over time.

Yellow nails

Naturally, there are other causes for yellow nails, and those include the very rare yellow-nail syndrome. It is a hereditary condition that starts in middle age and is associated with yellow nails on the feet and hands. It also causes swelling in the legs and chronic difficulty breathing. People with such symptoms should look for medical help because treating underlying lung issues and leg swelling is of crucial importance. Because yellow nails can be caused due to major problems and minor lifestyle choices, people should be careful how they treat their nails and bodies. Local dermatologists will surely have some great advice to give to anyone who is looking.