Three Delicious Matcha Latte Recipes to Enjoy this Autumn

Three Delicious Matcha Latte Recipes to Enjoy this AutumnMatcha is a finely ground powder of green tea leaves. It’s rich in antioxidants and can help with improved brain function, liver health, and weight loss, among its other health benefits. Autumn is a great time to enjoy soothing and flavorful beverages that can warm you up and boost the immune system. Try the following latte recipes and enjoy this popular green tea powder to the fullest!

Spiced Matcha Latte

Spiced Matcha Latte All you need is half a teaspoon of matcha powder, three ounces of hot water, half a cup of your preferred type of milk, and two tablespoons of maple syrup for the base of this latte. What takes the flavor to another level is the assortment of spices including:

  • One-eighth of a teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1 eighth of a teaspoon of ginger powder
  • A quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon powder

Whisk the powder in the hot water. Heat up the milk and combine the maple syrup with it using a frother. Pour the first mixture over the milk and top with the combination of spices!

The Soothing Taste of Lavender

Lavender Matcha Drink Lavender is a wonderfully beneficial medicinal herb that can have a soothing effect and lead to a more restful sleep. Here is what you’ll need for this latte recipe:

  • 2 teaspoons of matcha powder
  • 2 teaspoons of dry lavender
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • 2 ounces of hot water
  • 2 cups of your favorite milk variety

Steep the lavender in hot water for 5 minutes then strain into a cup. Combine the liquid with the green tea powder and honey. Froth the liquid while you heat up the milk. Add the milk to the mixture, sprinkle with extra lavender, and enjoy!

Chai Latte

Matcha Chai Latte Pour 2 teaspoons of chai liquid into a glass, top it with ice, and a cup of oat milk. Mix two teaspoons of matcha with some hot water and add to the glass. Froth a quarter cup of coconut milk and use it to top off the drink.

Top 3 Fashion TikTok Influencers Fans Should Follow in 2022

woman in trendy clothes next to the TikTok logo

Ever since it came around, TikTok has dominated social media and fashion trends. It has also been “canceling” stuff you should get out of your millennial closet right now. Known for its viral challenges, comedy skits, and ingenious beauty hacks, this platform is also home to some serious fashion inspiration for any curious cat out there.

TikTok, the Modern Fashion Destination to Follow

One of the most amazing things about TikTok is that it virtually has everything. From tips on how to repurpose your old clothes to easy-to-replicate timeless outfits, it’s an unlimited source of ideas and inspiration for people of all ages and sizes. If you’re looking for more fashion content in your everyday life, here are some TikTok influencers to follow in 2022.

1. Maha Gondal (@MoxeB)

Maha Gondal Not many TikTokers have a fashion-forward take on everyday, modest styling like Maha Gondal. She’s also one of the first TikTok influencers to land a fashion campaign with brands like Coach and Champion. Gondal enjoys a huge, loyal following for a reason — she keeps it trendy and real.

2. Ambika Dhir (@AmbiKadhr)

Ambika Dhir Ambika started her TikTok account back in 2020, right after the pandemic first hit. Since then, her account has become a must-see source for style inspiration for many. She promotes eco-conscious and sustainable fashion and is known for her amazing ability to replicate famous celebrity outfits on a tight budget. Either way, keeping an eye on her content will be very useful to any fashion lover out there.

3. Louis Powell (@YoungManPowell)

Louis Powell If you’re into the ‘70s playful style, you’ll absolutely love Louis’ content on TikTok. The Celine model offers a cheeky way of incorporating old fashion into modern-day outfits. He has a serious knack for finding unbelievably awesome secondhand pieces. So, if you love digging for thrift store gold, Louis is the guy to follow for tips and tricks!