Cleaning Pro’s Brilliant Sock & Tong Hack Takes the Work Out of Cleaning Blinds

The “Sock & Tong” Hack

Cleaning blinds sucks. But, it doesn’t need to. Sure, they won’t get cleaned by themselves, but luckily some useful hacks will make the job a lot easier. Here they are!

The “Sock & Tong” Hack

If you don’t have enough free time but still want to clean your blinds, this hack is for you. Use rubber bands to get a pair of tongs and attach microfiber cloths to them. Wet them with some dish soap and water.

Run the “cleaning tongs” along the length of each slat so you can scrub both sides in one motion. Does this work with regular socks put on your spare set of tongs? Of course! Well, microfiber is the recommended choice of cloth but feel free to improvise. The question is, do you use the good socks?

Cleaning Horizontal Blinds

If you have horizontal blinds, pull them down as far as they go and keep the slats closed. Go over the blinds in a back-and-forth motion using the hose attachment on your vacuum.

Start with the highest slat. This way, any dirt or dust will not land on an area you already cleaned. Once you are done with one side, switch the slats in the other direction and repeat the process.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds

First, you need to close the blinds to access as much of the surface area of each slat as possible. but, you knew that already!

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Using the brush attachment of your vacuum, simply run the brush along each piece so you can remove debris and dust. Prevent unhooking of the slats by working from the top down. Switch the slats to the other direction and repeat the process.

Deep Cleaning Wood Blinds

Once you vacuum your wood blinds, spray the slats with a wood-safe furniture cleaner and wipe them down with a dry, clean microfiber cloth.

Wood blinds are highly sensitive to harsh chemicals and excess moisture. Avoid using water or anything that will make them warp.