Ex Car Thief Shares Things People Do That Put Them More at Risk

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Steve Fuller is a former car thief who is now trying to compensate for the bad things he did in the past. He has revealed some useful tips car owners can use to keep their vehicles safe. Fuller has been convicted six times for car theft in the US, and according to his own admission, he managed to do it unhindered hundreds of times.

Car Thief Explains Security Weaknesses

Fuller has now overcome his bad habits and is giving tips to car owners who put their cars at risk. These can be useful to prevent vehicles from being broken into or stolen. After all, those who have experienced car theft know how costly and inconvenient it can be.

A car becomes a target depending on its model. According to Fuller, Toyota, Acura, Honda, and General Motors vehicles were among the favorite cars to steal because they were easier to break into and had a good resale value. Car thieves also avoid cars parked next to houses or driveways because they’re too visible, preferring cars in dark locations. These include garages, underground parking, and spaces next to apartment buildings, where there are also many vehicles in one place.

People Make Obvious Security Mistakes

Leaving spare keys in the car or in the ignition at a gas station are both bad ideas. They’re an invitation for a car thief to try and get the vehicle. Fuller said that most thieves know where to look for spare keys, so keeping them on the vehicle is a bad idea. Some vehicles also have valet keys, which many don’t know.

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Another way to offer a vehicle to a car thief is to leave the windows open. According to Fuller, to a thief, this is about as good as leaving the car unlocked. All a thief needs to get in is some space to stick their fingers in. From there, they can open the window enough to get an arm down and unlock the vehicle.

Things Thieves Don’t Like

The things that most car thieves dislike are daytime, alarms, nosy neighbors, security cameras, and kill switches, so good alarms with motion sensors are a good option for people who want to deter car thieves. Most will simply avoid such a car and prefer to try their luck somewhere else.

All in all, all it takes is some common sense when it comes to protecting your vehicle from theft. Close your windows, keep your keys with you, and keep your eyes open!