Genius Iron-Cleaning Hacks

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Sometimes, freshly ironed clothes get strange stains on them despite going through the washer recently. This is usually the direct effect of using an iron that has some kind of stain or mineral deposit on its base. The easy way to prevent this from happening is to apply one of these five useful tricks for cleaning an iron.

Cleaning the Iron Is a Must

When unusual black stains on ironed clothes or rusty tinges on steamed sweaters appear, it is usually the fault of the iron. Turns out, it’s not just the clothes that need maintenance but the iron as well.

Cleaning the iron’s base not only extends its lifespan but also safeguards the fabric. Different iron issues require different cleaning methods, so here are five common issues and how to solve them.

Removing Black Marks

There are a few methods for removing black marks from the base of an iron. First, sprinkle salt or baking soda on paper towels placed on the ironing board. Heat the iron to medium-high, then use it to iron the towels. Let the iron cool, then wipe it with a damp sponge and dish soap.

Another option is to dampen and rub a Magic Eraser sponge on the warm iron’s base. For stubborn black spots, heat the iron to its highest setting and press an acetaminophen tablet onto the spot with some pliers.

Cleaning Mineral Deposits and Grease Streaks

White vinegar is used for removing white calcium and red iron stains because the acetic acid in it is safe and effective for breaking down minerals. To use it, mix equal parts of white vinegar and distilled water, put a sponge in the mixture, and wipe the base of the iron.

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Stains on the iron usually result from starch and detergent residue. To remove them, dampen a clean cloth with vinegar or rubbing alcohol, gently wiping the soleplate. Allow the iron to warm up a bit, which helps soften the greasy residue for easier removal. If you don’t have vinegar or rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover can be used. Alternatively, you can employ dryer sheets, which both absorb grease and clean the iron’s surface.

Clearing Clogged Steam Vents

To clear the iron’s vents, use tweezers or a toothpick to remove stuck-on fibers or debris. Next, dip a toothbrush in white vinegar and give the vents a scrub to eliminate the remaining residue.

To descale the iron, put a mixture of equal parts distilled water and white vinegar in the reservoir. Turn the iron on high and let it steam for 10 minutes.

Cleaning a Melted Button

To fix this, start by letting the iron cool down. You can do this by putting it in a shallow ice water bath.

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Once it’s cool, take a butter knife or an old credit card and gently scrape the plastic. After that, turn on the iron and get rid of any plastic that’s still there using a paper towel and salt.

Saturday Night Live Is Experiencing a Significant Cast Shakeup

Since its first season back in 1975, Saturday Night Live has been entertaining loyal viewers with interesting content and charismatic hosts. To start off season 48, SNL recruited several industry professionals to fill in the gap left by a number of long-time cast members that recently left the series.

Saturday Night Live Cast Changes

It appears that this year, Saturday Night Live is doing its best to navigate a significant shakeup when it comes to changes in the cast. After the season 47 finale, several veteran members of the series left the show. This includes Kyle Mooney, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, and Aidy Bryant, to name a few. On September first, it was confirmed that Aristotle Athari, Alex Moffat, and Melissa Villaseñor will also be taking their leave. Chris Redd was the most recent to announce his departure from the show.

Expected New Hosts and Guests

Returning on October first, the long-running sketch series will be hosted by Miles Teller for the very first time. Kendrick Lamar will join the Top Gun: Maverick star for the premiere of the first episode, where he will be the musical guest for the third time. On October eighth, viewers will get to see Willow as the musical guest with Brendan Gleeson as the host. Rap enthusiasts can rejoice as Megan Thee Stallion will double as host and musical guest on October 15th.

The most recent announcement of who will be joining the show includes Molly Kearney, Marcello Hernandez, Devon Walker, and Michael Longfellow. It’s worth tuning in to see the new lineup of talented hosts and guests that this season has to offer!

Season 48 — a Transition Year

In his heartfelt announcement, Chris Redd expressed his gratitude to the creators of the show and exclaimed that his involvement in it was an opportunity and experience of a lifetime that he cherishes. Saturday Night Live creator, Lorne Michaels said that season 48 is a transition year with many changes underway and a new generation entering the show.