The New Ken Den Trend Is a New Upscale Evolution of the Man Cave

Recently, the Barbie aesthetic, with its signature pink hue, has taken the world by storm. The upcoming Barbie movie has only fueled the popularity of all things pink and the classic Barbie style in fashion and design. Now, design enthusiasts can even access the special Barbie Dreamhouse home-makeover style, including a Ken Den personal space design.

Ken Den Personal Space Design

The New Ken Den Trend Is a New Upscale Evolution of the Man Cave
Ken Den Personal Space Design

The special Barbie Dreamhouse makeover, in which an entire home will undergo a renovation inspired by the beloved dollhouse, isn’t just for Barbie – it also includes design solutions for a den for Ken. These introduce a new trend in personal space design known as the Ken Den. While the concept of the man cave has been around for quite some time and is often associated with basements or converted garages, this new trend aims for something else.

While man cave spaces have often been criticized for their lack of style and aesthetic considerations and praised for focusing more on function than form, the Ken Den offers a fresh perspective on personal spaces within the home, catering to the evolving needs and tastes of modern men. It recognizes that men, like women, have diverse preferences and desires when it comes to their living environments.

The Ken Den Challenges Stereotypes

The Ken Den Challenges Stereotypes

The Ken Den embraces a spectrum of masculinity, challenging outdated stereotypes. Instead of adhering to a singular image, it encourages individuals to create spaces that reflect their personal style and interests. Whether it’s a space for yoga, meditation, or Zoom calls, the Ken Den can be tailored to suit the unique preferences of its occupant.

Design experts emphasize the importance of celebrating individuality in home design. They point out that an upscale environment can provide a sense of confidence and motivation for daily life. So, a Ken Den is perfect for that because it allows individuals to curate a space that truly celebrates their personality, surrounding them with decor and items that inspire success.

A Ken Den design can be achieved by infusing the space with favorite things while incorporating colors, textures, and elements that resonate with the occupant, including collections of high-end watches, shoes, or trophies. If a dedicated room isn’t possible, one can still incorporate elements of the Ken Den style in smaller ways by adding modern art, colorful coffee table books, or furniture in pale blue, pink, or orange tones.

Balancing masculine and feminine elements in design is key to achieving harmony. Factors such as color, shape, and scale should definitely be considered. Round shapes and lighter colors tend to read as more feminine, while square or rectangular shapes and darker tones have a masculine quality. A balanced space can be created that appeals to everyone in the household by consciously blending all elements.

Ultimately, the Ken Den is all about personalization and comfort. It provides individuals with a space in their homes where they can truly be themselves and enjoy their free time.

Travis Barker’s Ex-Wife Shanna Moakler Shares What They Agreed On

Travis Barker’s Ex-Wife Shanna Moakler

Shanna Moakler is sharing the way she feels about her ex-husband Travis Barker. The model and actress discussed family during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, following her elimination from Celebrity Big Brother earlier this week. Barker and Moakler share 22-year-old stepdaughter Atiana (whose father is famed boxer Oscar De La Hoya), as well as 18-year-old son Landon and 16-year-old daughter Alabama.

Their Kids are Her Top Priority

“My children are my top priority, and I believe Travis and I agree on that,” Moakler, 46-year-old, added. “That is possibly the sole point of agreement between us, but our children and their happiness come first. As a mother, all that counts is that the Kardashians be kind to my children. As long as people are content, and this is key.”

Moakler also addressed claims that she is “obsessed” with Travis Barker’s new relationship in the aftermath of his engagement to Kourtney Kardashian.

Moakler Is Not Obsessed with Travis Barker

“I’m really just not,” she stated. “I’m in a relationship and it’s awesome and it’s not something that is centered in my world, which is why I was so excited for this Big Brother opportunity, because I wanted the US to see me for who I was.” She then added that she wants people to see her personality and her fun side. She formed a friendship with Lamar Odom, who was married to Kourtney’s sister, Khloé Kardashian, during her time in the Big Brother house.

Aside from the rumors about Travis Barker, Moakler also talked about Odom, saying that he was a nice person and a blast to play with. She says that Odom still cares about Khloé and she thinks that’s very sweet of him. Shanna claims that Odom is aware that Travis Barker is now engaged to a Kardashian as well and this is one sort of a connection between the two.

Shanna was married to Travis Barker from 2004 to 2008, but last October the Blink-182 drummer popped the question to Kourtney. This made Moakler take a break from social media, announcing on her Instagram profile that it is “temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance.”