Spice Up Your Home With New, Trendy Magnetic Flooring

Magnetic flooring is an all-new trend that can make any room stand out. DIY pros say the installation is as easy as it gets, so even novices shouldn’t be afraid to handle the job. It’s just been introduced, and still, it’s already becoming a prevalent flooring trend. If you’re on the lookout for new ways to make your flooring look supreme, this is the right move for you.

Everything There Is to Know About Magnetic Flooring

Spice up Walking Surfaces With New, Trendy Magnetic Flooring

Essentially, magnetic flooring is a two-layer system. The first layer has a base magnetic layer. The top layer consists of magnetic powder that attracts the base layer. Any material can be used to make this kind of magnetic floor, so long as the surface has iron particles to adhere to the base layer.

A nice perk is that no glue is required in the installation process, making it a low-VOC flooring choice. That means it’s eco-friendly and suitable for homeowners seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Unlike other kinds of flooring, individual planks of magnetic flooring can be swapped out easily without even having to call a professional to do it. That contributes to quick, relatively hassle-free repairs and less material waste. Below, you’ll find out more about the pros and cons of this flooring type.

What Are the Perks of Magnetic Floors?

One benefit of magnetic flooring is that the installation (and repair) process is easy, meaning you don’t have to call a flooring company. Depending on what kind of patterns you’ve picked, you might need a few days tops for the whole process, or you can complete it in just a few hours.

An unexpected benefit of this flooring type is that you can reuse it. For example, if a given pattern doesn’t fit your current interior, simply move it to another room in your house. Experts say choosing this flooring type for areas where flooding is a typical occurrence can be the key to minimizing flooring damage in case of floods. After all, you can easily remove and reinstall the floor in order to clean the subfloor surface and remove any excess moisture or water.

Okay, but are there any disadvantages to magnetic flooring? Apparently, there are. The biggest downside is that the material is still relatively new. That makes it available in just a few places around the world. Naturally, that makes it an expensive investment that has to be thought about thoroughly before picking it.