3 Design-Friendly Smart Lighting Styles to Personalize Any Home

Adjusting home smart lighting from a smartphone

In the world of interior design, lighting is everything. It can make all the difference between a place that’s okay and one that feels like a real home. Smart lighting has gradually become one of the preferred options to personalize a place and bring out its key features. If you’re currently looking to improve your home and looking for great ideas, here are three styles you might like!

1. Smart Filament Lighting for Vintage Ambiance

Smart Filament Lighting Also known as “Edison bulbs,” these filament lights are the perfect choice if you want to add more vintage ambiance to your place. Their rustic design can be the perfect statement piece of your living room, kitchen, study, bedroom, and virtually any other space. Unlike standard smart bulbs that have 800 lumens, filaments have around 500 to 600 lumens on average, which means they aren’t as bright. If you are going for a speakeasy atmosphere, these are a perfect choice.

2. Add Depth With Smart Strip Lights

Smart Strip Lights Smart strip lights are a clever way of adding depth to a room and embellishing its key features. They add a fantastic decorative outline around TV or kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, fireplace mantles, bedroom nightstands – you name it. Whether you want to center the focus around a particular part of the room or just play with different lighting elements to make the place your own, you can’t go wrong with strip lights.

3. Go Bold With Smart Panel Lights

Smart Panel Lights Smart panel lights let you unleash your creativity and artistic preferences freely. You have a ton of options, and the sole purpose of these intriguing wall-mounted lights is to create an alluring and eye-catching display in your home. This type of lighting is ideal for game rooms, living rooms, and extravagant kitchens. Since these panels are sold in sets, you need to make sure that you have enough space to accommodate them.

Jennifer Aniston Swears by a Supplement She Adds in Her Coffee

It’s no secret that the rich and the famous have plenty of tricks that keep them forever young and fresh. And while many don’t share them, Friends actress Jennifer Aniston openly praises her ‘secret.’ It’s not a special workout routine, and it doesn’t require a trip to the plastic surgeon. It’s actually a simple supplement she adds every day in her morning coffee.

Jennifer Aniston Swears by a Supplement She Adds in Her Coffee

Jennifer Aniston Is a Coffee Purist

Back in the day, The Morning Show star used to have her coffee with a dash of cinnamon and steamed almond milk but, oh, how things have changed. It all started back in 2014 when Jen discovered Vital Proteins, a company dedicated to offering quality collagen powders and vitamin supplements. Her doctor actually recommended she start adding collagen peptides to her diet, and, being a good patient, she listened to that advice. Fast forward to 2021, and Aniston is already part of the company and acting as its chief creative officer!

Jennifer Aniston’s coffee ritual is simple: every morning she starts her day with one or two scoops of collagen powder mixed in her black coffee. She says she feels amazing, and it certainly shows by her glowing look at 52.

The Benefits of Collagen Supplements

collagen supplementsAlthough there are mixed opinions about the efficiency of ingesting collagen, recent studies show that it can, in fact, improve the skin, joints, nails, and bone health if it’s consistently incorporated in one’s diet. Aniston herself says she saw the benefits of adding collagen peptides in her coffee in the first few months. She noticed a difference in her endurance, her skin, and even her workouts.

Jen’s Commitment to Healthy Living

Jennifer Aniston Is Committed to Healthy Living

Growing up in the family of a health fanatic (her mom) meant that there was never a bad choice at the dinner table. When Aniston moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, she experienced what she herself calls a rebellion period. She would eat loads and loads of junk food, and she gradually started seeing how that affected her body. Jen has since cherished her ‘healthy’ upbringing and continues to be mindful of her lifestyle. It’s more than just fitting into your skinny jeans, she says — it’s about feeling energized and good in your skin.