These 3 Tips Can Help Property Owners Choose Great Front Door Colors

A beautiful red front door

The color of your entrance door should not be an afterthought. It is, after all, the first thing visitors notice when they come to your house. The front entrance should act as a welcoming beacon for visitors. Although you can paint your front door any color you like, there are a few factors to consider when choosing a hue. Depending on your concept, you may make your door stand out or fit in, complement a design style or break the laws with these tips. Furthermore, if you live in an older home, repainting a faded doorway is a quick weekend project that will boost your property’s curb appeal. For the right front color, follow these dos and don’ts.

#1. Do: Stick with Some Oldtime Classics

A restored oldtime classic door
For a timeless style, use a neutral color like brown, black, or gray. Deep reds and navy blues are other traditional colors that serve as neutrals. Neutral colors will adapt to your changing style or changes to the exterior of your property. Staining your door rather than painting it is another neutral choice. The natural material or grain pattern will be highlighted with a wood stain.

#2. Don’t: Be Afraid of Door Colors

Four colorful front doors
Some people are afraid of bright colors in their home design, but painting a doorway is a much lesser commitment than painting a whole house or room. Why not try something new? Try out a new color if you have one that you truly like. A splash of orange, yellow, or lime green on your door makes a dramatic statement. If bright colors are too much for you, try a dark shade of color like burgundy, forest green, or eggplant.

#3. Do: Get the Right Paint

Person painting a door
Because your door will be exposed to the weather, it’s critical to apply the right paint to avoid future peeling and fading. The weather-resistant covering is provided by latex exterior paints. If the entrance to your home is made of metal, opt for one that has rust prevention built-in. Whatever option you choose, you must first prime with an exterior primer. Exterior paints that are door-friendly come in several finishes, including matte, semigloss, and glossy. A high-gloss treatment will highlight architectural details while also highlighting nicks and flaws on the door. Choose a semi-gloss paint finish for a more forgiving paint finish that will disguise faults.