Here Are a Few Window Box Ideas That Can Boost the Appearance of Any Garden

Curb appeal can be improved with front yard improvements and porch plant additions, but using a window box is the way to go for a little additional wow. They provide your home with vibrant color accents (without the cost of pricey painting or siding work), draw butterflies, birds, and other animals, and give it a beautiful cottage-style or grandmother-like feel.

Choosing the Perfect Style

Choose a window box that best matches the design of your home from the many wonderful alternatives available. For example, a modern home may benefit from something sleek and elegant, while a colonial or Victorian might benefit from something more traditional.

Selecting the Proper Materials

There are advantages and disadvantages that people should take into account for each of the most common materials, and containers come in a variety of colors, designs, and materials. Wood is a traditional and fashionable material but may ultimately require maintenance. To reduce damage from exposure to the weather, use teak or another wood that’s suitable for outdoor use.

Plastic weathers the elements admirably but may appear cheap, particularly on first-floor window boxes where they’re visible. Terra-cotta is a lovely option, but because it enables water to escape, plants can require more regular watering. Furthermore, such window boxes are more likely to shatter in regions with chilly winters. Metal is a durable and fashionable material option, but depending on the type of metal used, it might rust.

Planning the Placement of the Window Box

A window box is not required to be positioned beneath each window at the front of your property. You might decide to only put it on the second-floor windows or only the one that flanks the entrance door. You must step up your watering if your home faces south or west. With more direct sunshine, boxes facing south and west will dry up more quickly.

Choosing the Right Plants

Your choice of color scheme is just one factor in selecting the proper plants for your window box. Focus on plants that do well in containers and can tolerate some neglect. A beautiful window box doesn’t require a wide variety of flowers. Local flowers are more likely to grow with less irrigation and may provide you with extra advantages. To use your boxes for some wildlife viewing, find out which native flowers may draw specific butterflies or songbirds.

Swapping Plants With the Change of Seasons

Window boxes are ideal for changing up your look with fresh blooms such as pansies in spring, zinnias in summer, chrysanthemums in fall, and evergreens or decorative kale in winter. Plants may also be adorned with additional items such as pumpkins and gourds or outdoor Christmas ornaments to provide a festive touch—all without the need for watering!