Scrunchies Are The Fashion Nostalgia Everyone Needs Right Now

Silk scrunchies in different colors

If the new decade is proving anything, it is that past trends keep trying to become fashionable again. And some of them succeed. One of the brightest trends of the ‘90s, the colorful scrunchies, have been rapidly gaining popularity despite Carrie Bradshaw’s dislike for them. The good news? The scrunchie is no longer bright pink and textile — it’s now made from finer fabrics and comes in beautiful shades of any color you can think of.

Scrunchies Are Back… And They Have Certainly Improved

Woman wearing a beige scrunchie in a ponytail
It’s not just that they’re rising in popularity. It’s that companies are making higher quality scrunchies using fabrics like silk and velvet to create not only a practical but also incredibly fashionable accessory. These days, they are practically everywhere: they are at the checkout counters at most retail stores, and some even have a special display of them. Store managers often cleverly arrange them next to clothes in similar colors, thus further encouraging you to get a matching scrunchie for your new outfit.

They Add a Little Pizazz to Otherwise Dull Hairstyles

Two women wearing scrunchies
Replacing your old hair tie with a chic scrunchie will not only add volume to your hairdo and divert attention away from your “bad hair day,” but it will also be more gentle to your hair. Regular hair ties often lead to hair breakage, or you feel like they are pulling you too tight. With scrunchies, your hair doesn’t get tangled up each time you try to remove it, and it sits comfortably on your head all day long by keeping your ponytail firmly set.

Remember That Carrie/Berger Talk?

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw
Sex and the City was a major trendsetter (and trend killer) in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, and after a certain conversation between Carrie and Berger in which she condemns scrunchies, the demand for the once-beloved accessory quickly dropped. Well, despite Bradshaw’s best efforts, it seems even high fashion seems to have picked up on the trend. With stars like Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber, and J Lo herself, it seems like scrunchies are here to stay. At least for a little while.