This Mom Creates Custom Chalkboard Art for Her Kids

Nowadays, people often communicate primarily via messaging. Memes have become the new normal when it comes to making someone laugh. Well, not for this mom! She uses old-school art to prove to her kids that chalkboard notes can be just as funny as memes. Her Instagram account has recently gone viral, precisely for her priceless chalkboard notes. Check out the whole story…

Mom Makes Chalkboard Art for Her Kids To Prove It’s as Cool as Memes
A Mom’s Hilarious Art Goes Viral

Samantha is a blogger who goes by the name @samanthaslife80 on Instagram. She started posting her hilarious notes back in 2021 and hasn’t really stopped since. Her so-called Chalk Talk is always spot-on and incredibly funny. Some of her posts feature a humorous twist, while others simply give instructions to her kids.

Like many, Samantha enjoys using social media and often uses it as a way to give other parents advice via her funny stories. She believes her chalk art puts a smile on many people’s faces, and that’s what matters.

Not everyone likes social media, though. According to a survey, many parents feel depressed after seeing pictures of happy families on vacation on social media. More often than not, social media does indeed cause different kinds of blues.

How to Ditch Social Media

If you’re trying to ditch social media, here are some pieces of advice that might help you. Firstly, you should limit the amount of time you spend on social media. According to some studies, reducing social media time by at least 30 minutes a day can help people overcome feelings of anxiety.

Muting contacts is another great way to stay off social media whenever you need. Also, don’t forget to say nice things to yourself and your friends and family. Acknowledge your abilities and praise them, and you’ll quickly start feeling much better.

Even if you’re not overwhelmed by social media, ditching it, at least on holidays or other events, will give you a chance to connect with your loved ones much better. Also, you can set up a few simple rules on how or when to use social media. Or, just like Samantha, you can try your own chalk art to make others laugh.