Rebel Wilson Has Shared How Her First Week of Parenting Has Been

Rebel Wilson

The Australian writer, comedian, and movie actress many may know as a great comedian – Rebel Wilson – has welcomed her first child, and after being absent from social media, she finally decided to share some news on what it’s all like!

Being a First-Time Parent

It’s never easy for first-time parents to take perfect care of their child and enjoy it all at the same time. But so many people manage because having a baby is such a blessing, and it turns new pages in everyone’s lives. Our beloved and hilarious actress shares her thoughts on being a parent to a gorgeous baby girl for the first time!

Rebel Wilson Feels Positive

In her Instagram feed, enjoyed by her countless fans, Rebel shares her positive outlook on first-time motherhood. She says she is thrilled to have this baby and that it’s a complete game-changer. After wanting a child for years, she welcomes daughter Royce Lillian and has taken quite well to motherhood, she explains!

Rebel Wilson and daughter Royce Lillian

Her Acting Career

Rebel Wilson may be enjoying all the wonders of motherhood at this time, but she’s not going to ignore her acting career in the slightest. She is set to appear in an Indie Film – The Almond and the Seahorse. She might be taking it slow at first, but you can be sure to see her back on screens soon!

Rebel Wilson may have slowed her role for the time being to spend time with her precious daughter, Royce Lillian, but that won’t last long. Rebel has a unique sense of humor and makes everyone laugh with her movie roles and comedic shows – she will surely continue!