Emily Ratajkowski Kicked Off New York Fashion Week With a Haircut

X (Twitter) // @GAWBYcom

New York Fashion Week wouldn’t be the same without Emily Ratajkowski. The model appeared in Manhattan for the Hourglass Cosmetics lipstick launch on February 9. However, there was something different about her: her hair. Ratajkowski showed up with a shorter cut and an even shorter dress, and she looked incredible.

The Newest Hair Trend

It seems like the midi-lob cut will become the trend for 2024. The year has just started, and we’ve already seen celebrities like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Aniston, and Emma Stone rocking this hairstyle. But what makes this haircut so special?

The slightly longer bob is the perfect hairstyle for those who want to keep their length but still wish to give their face some shape. It’s not too long or short and looks good on almost everyone. Whether you have a wider, rounder, or heart-shaped face, the bob perfectly highlights your unique features.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Look

Emily Ratajkowski’s dress looked very feminine and chic, too. It seemed like her red gown drew inspiration from Kylie Jenner’s look at Couture Week in Paris. The outfit truly showcased the power and elegance of this bold color choice. Kylie wore hers to the Jacquemus’ Les Sculptures show that Ratajkowski walked in.

X (Twitter) // @tmasnews

Emily also appeared at the Puma RTW’s fall 2024 show. There, she opted for a slightly more casual and sporty look. She also restyled her hair and wore it with a bit of a wave for more effortless vibes. The model’s street style shouldn’t be ignored, either. For a winter walk down the streets of Manhattan, she was spotted in a mid-length sleek lob and an elegant long coat. Emily Ratajkowski is a big trendsetter and we can’t wait to see more celebrities putting their twist on the long bob hairstyle.