Irina Shayk Dislikes the Term Co-Parents for Her and Her Ex

In a recent interview, the supermodel Irina Shayk opened up about the way she and her ex were parenting their kids and why she didn’t like it when people used the term co-parent to describe their current relationship.

Irina Shayk Never Understood the Term ‘Co-Parenting’ Because Every Parent Was There for Their Kids 100%

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper
Irina Shayk Dislikes the Term Co-Parents for Her and Her Ex

Irina Shayk said she never understood why people used the term ‘co-parenting.’ She shared that when she is with her daughter, she is 100% a mother, and when her dad is with her, he is 100% her dad. To her, this meant that ‘co-parenting’ is still parenting. Usually, writers who use the term ‘co-parent’ do not mean it as a pejorative. They just use it to describe people who are both involved in the lives of their children despite not being in a relationship. Many writers feel that is necessary because there are situations where the kids live exclusively with just one of the parents or a different family member altogether.

Irina Shayk Described Bradley Cooper As the Most Amazing Dad

Irina Shayk did not disclose too much about her relationship with Cooper. She did say the director of A Star Is Born, is the most amazing dad, but other than that, she did not share anything further. She remarked that her past relationship is something that belongs to her and that it is something private. She added that it is a piece of her inner self that she didn’t want to give away.

Bradley Cooper With His Daughter
Irina Shayk Dislikes the Term Co-Parents for Her and Her Ex

The supermodel shared that she strives for normalcy at home and is not a fashion person. She views herself as a regular girl who likes to stay home and watch Netflix as part of her off-duty routine.

Shayk is known for keeping a healthy attitude toward tabloids. In the interview, she said she doesn’t want to read what is written out there about her and admitted that she is too busy raising her daughter than worrying about the media. Apparently, she is fine if some people want to write articles about her, especially considering that it is their job to do so. Meanwhile, she said she wanted to concentrate on her life and friends and considers the rest — just noise.