See Katie Holmes’s New Curtain Bangs Out in the Wild

Shutterstock // Matteo Prandoni

There’s no better way to celebrate fall with a new hairstyle. Katie Holmes has decided to go for curtain bangs. Back in 2019, she was rocking the same bangs, and we all remember her iconic Khaite cashmere bra and cardi look. Holmes can pull off this hairstyle effortlessly, even while running errands in New York City.

Katie Holmes’ New Bangs

This year, Katie Holmes decided to pair her new curtain bangs with a more formal outfit. She was seen celebrating her friend Melissa DeRosa’s new book on October 23.

Her luscious brunette hair was styled with a gentle wave at the fringe. The bangs were also parted in the middle, and Katie’s outfit was loose and natural-looking. It was definitely giving French-girl boho fringe vibes.

How to Get the Bangs at Home

Now that you’ve seen Katie Holmes killing the curtain bangs game, you probably want to try this hairstyle, too. Hairstylist Larry King has previously shared the secret to perfecting the look. It turns out you actually need to “balance the edges of the fringe and overall length of the hair.” The long sides of the fringe should reach down to the cheeks, and the arch should be more exaggerated.

Twitter // @NewYorker

Another great idea is to style your hair with beautiful voluminous waves that will make the fringe stand out even more. It will effortlessly enhance your natural beauty by softening your facial features. You can also opt for braids and let your bangs fall freely around your face. The options are endless, and they all look effortlessly chic.

The Complete Aromatherapy Guide for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is the spice of life! It’s the secret to better well-being and a healthier mind and body. If you’re looking for ways to improve your sleep, aromatherapy might just be the answer for you. If you’ve tried the no caffeine before bed and early meals in the evening type of advice, and it didn’t work, this article is for you.

Aromatherapy Is the Answer to Better Sleep

Woman sleeping peacefully after using aromatherapy

Your body’s self-healing depends on you getting enough sleep regularly. In the short term, lack of sleep can lead to impaired memory, stress, mood swings, and reduced alertness. The long-term effects, however, are much more serious. That’s why using aromatherapy to improve your sleep can lead to a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure, balanced hormones, and improved glucose tolerance. Here’s a simple guide to help you get a good night’s sleep and improve your overall health.

Disclaimer: keep in mind that this guide is a recommendation only, it’s not medical advice. It’s always advisable to discuss these matters with your doctor.

Give Meditation a Try

Meditation is a great remedy for sleepless nights. By doing conscious breathwork, you can focus your mind, slow down your breathing, and lower your heart rate. This can help you fall asleep faster. Try meditating by lying flat on your back and breathing from one to three as you inhale and exhale.

Essential Oils Do Wonders

It’s a known fact that plants have superpowers. Using the natural properties in their oils can stimulate alertness but also improve relaxation and soothe the mind. Lavender and camomile are especially good for calming the body and helping you fall asleep. You can even spray a few drops of lavender on your pillow.

Ever Heard of Binaural Beats?

Sometimes, no amount of essential oils and meditation can help relax you. That’s where binaural beats come in. These are sound frequencies that create an auditory illusion in our minds. Studies have shown that they can recreate the same state you get into when meditating. Binaural beats in the delta range (1 to 4 Hz) help with deep sleep and relaxation.

Use Bath Salts

We can’t talk about aromatherapy without mentioning bath salts. The trick to falling asleep is lowering your body’s core temperature. Prepare a bath with your favorite natural bath salts (keep in mind that Epsom salts relax the muscles) and let them soothe you.

Aromatherapy 101: Burning Incense

Similar to the effects of essential oils, incense helps create that soothing spa experience we all crave. Incense can act as a natural sedative that can help you fall asleep faster and prolong your deep sleep state. Scents like lavender and sage are associated with better sleep.