Katy Perry Does Hotel Balcony High Kick in Bright Orange Bikini

Instagram // @katyperry

Fans of Katy Perry, American Idol judge and singer, were entertained when the star did a high kick while on a hotel balcony, sporting a revealing orange bikini that showed off her toned body. Katy, the mother of one daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, showed that there is life after motherhood in her humorous Instagram carousel post.

Showing Off De Soi

While performing her little show for the adoring fans, Katy Perry was seen holding up in the air a can of De Soi, a drink that she co-founded with Morgan McLachlan. She dressed up her outfit with matching heels and red sunglasses, looking cool in the summer sun.

These pictures were posted to both social media Instagram and TikTok with the caption saying she’s going to get the fans’ hearts racing. The former American Idol judge then took another picture with her wearing a stunning sequined dress over the same bikini.

Bold Summer Looks

This isn’t the first time Katy has wowed fans with her looks recently. On May 19th, in the season 22 finale of American Idol, she wore a gold floral corset dress that was absolutely stunning.

Instagram // @katyperry

No one knows exactly where the photos are, but considering her make-up artist Michael Anthony captioned the photos “Katy spotted w/ a CANNES of Desoi” when he reposted them to his own social media, it’s likely that the photos were taken in France.

Perry’s Musical Comeback

Aside from drink-making ventures, fans are eagerly awaiting the singer’s comeback to the music world, which she’s been hinting at for a while now.

Perry recently revealed that she’ll be dropping a single from her mysterious new album called “Woman’s World” on July 11th, so fans have something to look forward to as they anxiously wait for what’s next from the pop powerhouse.