Victoria Beckham Shared How She Was Forced to Weigh Herself on Live TV

During a recent interview, Victoria Beckham shared how she felt when she was forced to weigh herself during a show on live TV after she had recently given birth. She also added how it was hard to imagine such a thing could happen nowadays. Apparently, she was asked to step on a scale during a 1999 TV interview and opened up about how that felt. Apparently, back then, she had just given birth to her son Brooklyn.

TV Host Chris Evans Made Victoria Beckham Reveal Her Weight in 1999

Victoria Beckham's picture from an issue of Vogue Australia 2022
Victoria Beckham shared how back in 1999, she was giving an interview to television host Chris Evans on the British talk show TFI Friday. It was during that interview that the host asked her to reveal her weight on live TV. According to her, she went on the show after she just had baby Brooklyn and she had lost a lot of weight right after that. She further explained that losing weight, drastically, also happened to her mother after her pregnancies, clarifying that it didn’t mean she had an eating disorder. So, host Chris Evans made her stand on the scales to be weighed.

Chris Evans Asked Victoria Beckham How She Managed Her Weight

Victoria Beckham during her interview with Chris Evans in 1999
In the resurfaced interview where Chris Evans asked Victoria Beckham about her weight, she also had to answer questions about her fitness routine. Evans asked how she managed to look fantastic again and get back to her shape, and Beckham responded that she was really lazy and didn’t even go down to the gym or anything like that. After that, Evans wanted his own confirmation and pulled out a scale from behind his desk, asking to check her weight. Before stepping on the scale, Beckham said that this was horrible but went ahead despite that. After seeing her weight, Evans noted it and proclaimed that it wasn’t at all bad.

Victoria Beckham Said Her Perspective on Body Image Had Changed

During a different interview, Victoria Beckham revealed how she changed her perspective on body image. She shared how wanting to be thin was an old-fashioned attitude and today’s women wanted to look healthy and curvy. She then recalled a recent trip to Florida where she noticed how women were embracing their curves and said she hoped her daughter Harper would follow in those footsteps.

Victoria Beckham

Apparently, Beckham has now found a balance in her fitness and health journey. She said she didn’t believe it was all about being a certain size but rather about knowing one’s self and being happy about it. It seems she has found her own balance between being disciplined about working out, eating healthily, and wanting to have fun. She also noted that when people are younger, they tend to fight against that balance.