3 Types of Bathroom Tiles and Trends to Look for in 2022

3 Types of Bathroom Tiles and Trends to Look For in 2022

From vivid colors to bold layouts and textured designs, the world of bathroom tiles has something for everyone. According to interior designers, 2022 is going to be a year of bold and textured bathroom interiors — and olive green will be in high demand. Here are three trends to look out for if you are furnishing or renovating your bathroom this year!

1. Intense, Single-Colored Tiles

Drenched in color, bold and intense, your bathroom can be a true masterpiece. Designers urge you to go all-in and forget about tame colors and variating patterns. You can just pick a deep shade of red or blue or any other color that you love and go with it. If you choose smaller tiles for your single-colored bathroom, you will achieve what designers call a “color story in motion.” With smaller tiling, you don’t get a single flat color but rather a constellation of squares that catch the light in unique and different ways.

2. Triangular Green Bathroom Tiles

2022 is the year when boundaries continue to be pushed. The traditional square tile mold is no more. Feel free to break away from the classic shape and go for something mysterious, captivating, and incredibly versatile, like triangle tiles. Colored in shades of the blockbuster trend that green has become in recent months, your bathroom will have a wild yet earthy look to it.

3. Multiple Tile Configurations

Although we’re looking to the future, there’s nothing wrong about getting some ideas from the past, say designers. Minimalist, farmhouse, modern, and even transitional designs are all incorporating elements of the past this year, which means choosing multiple styles of tiles for your bathroom is a fantastic idea. Why confine yourself to just one style when you can add more and choose the ones that reflect your sense of style and personality? Don’t be afraid to mismatch shapes, colors, and even palettes.

The beauty of bathroom tiles is that they allow you to add character to a room you use every day. Whatever you choose, it’s important that you like it!