25+ Female Celebrities Who Proudly Prove That Underarm Hair Is the Ultimate Show of Confidence

This article appeared in www.ballercap.com and has been published here with permission.
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Armpit hair has long been a taboo topic in beauty and fashion, with women feeling pressured to shave their underarms to fit societal norms. However, in recent years, many celebrities have embraced their natural body hair and proudly displayed their unshaven pits. From singers and actresses to models and comedians, these women break the mold and challenge traditional beauty standards. This list will look closely at some of the most notable instances of celebrities flaunting their armpit hair.

Becka Martinez

Becka Martinez, the former Bachelor contestant, and mother, continues to advocate for body hair acceptance, expressing her desire to create a world where her daughter can feel comfortable in her natural body. In a May 2020 Instagram post, Martinez shared a photo of herself and her daughter, with unshaven legs proudly on display.

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She believes everyone deserves to exist in their natural body without feeling ashamed. Martinez promises to create a family where shame surrounding body size, hair, acne, or height is never passed down.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has been a fearless advocate for women’s empowerment for years and has continued to do so. Graham recently shared a candid bathroom selfie on Instagram, showcasing her postpartum body a few weeks after giving birth to her son.

Instagram // @ashleygraham

In the photo, she wears a black tank top and gray disposable underwear while raising her arm and displaying her underarm hair. Graham’s caption highlights the lack of conversation around new mothers’ recovery and healing process, including the less glamorous aspects.

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski posed for Harper’s Bazaar with her unshaven underarms on full display in 2019. In an inspiring statement, the model expressed her belief that a woman’s choice to shave or grow out her armpit hair should be entirely up to her.

HARPER’S BAZAAR // Miguel Enamorado

She believes that women should be empowered to make their own choices about their body hair based on how it makes them feel. She acknowledges that there’s no one “right” answer and that there should be no judgment based on their decision to embrace or remove their body hair.


Singer Halsey made a statement on the cover of Rolling Stone in July 2019 by showing off her unshaven underarms. Although some fans criticized her decision, fellow musician Demi Lovato praised the image and supported her.

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Lovato wrote that there was “so much yes” about the picture and applauded Halsey’s choice to embrace her natural body hair. Halsey’s decision to showcase their unshaven underarms in a high-profile publication helped to encourage more conversations about body hair and body positivity.