40+ Times People Forgot to Check the Background of Their Photos Before Posting Them Online

Reddit // u/Automatic-Air-1382

What’s the first thing you do when you upload a photo to social media? Maybe you check to see if it’s in focus, or you make sure your eyes are looking nice and sparkly. Perhaps you double-check that there aren’t any other people in the frame who aren’t supposed to be there. Yeah, didn’t think so… How about checking to make sure your background isn’t full of miscellaneous clutter, or worse, people? Unintentional and intentional photobombing are both on the rise. It can make you uncomfortable and earn you ridicule if you post a photobombed snap online. Check out these hilarious examples of people who forgot to check their pics’ backgrounds!

He’s Completely Trolling This Prom Picture

It’s always important to be aware of your surroundings before taking a photo, especially if you plan to post it online. Unfortunately, some people don’t realize this until it’s too late. As a result, they end up with some hilarious (and embarrassing) photos.

Twitter // @millselle

These girls are taking an epic prom photo, but one person doesn’t care about it. So, they prank their sister by getting a photo taken while eating from a bag of Doritos. The photobomber was the center of attention, despite the beautiful girls in the front.

Golf Cart Topples Over

While everyone should’ve been looking at the golfer in this shot, they were too busy reacting to the shock of the golf cart flipping over in the background. This looks like something that would happen in a series like Modern Family.

Instagram // @teetime_golfpodcast

It would definitely be Phil driving the cart and he’d be up to his usual antics while his father-in-law Jay plays golf with his buddies. You can imagine it too, right?

The Truth Is Right Behind You

One has to be very careful about the background when taking selfies. This guy forgot that he was standing in front of a car window while taking his own snap. Of course, he pretended that someone else was trying to click the snap and he was being camera-shy.

Reddit // u/TheRegime10

But, the window in the background had a different story to tell. It exposed the lie and clearly showed that the guy was in fact clicking a selfie. Poor guy! He was trolled brutally online for this photo.

Beware of the Photobombing Stalker

We all have that friend who constantly posts photos of themselves on social media. The one who seems to be in a new place every other day with their loved ones? Well, even they might not be cautious while clicking their snaps. So, what will be the result?

Reddit // u/[deleted]
A photobombing stalker like the one in the picture! While taking a cute photo together, the couple fails to notice a weird-looking girl standing on the other side of the storefront. Maybe she’s just jealous of their love and happiness.