25+ Hilarious Yard Signs That Will Make You Cry of Laughter

This article appeared in Unpasted and has been published here with permission.

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Yard signs can be all different kinds of funny. Some yard signs can crack you up instantly whereas some signs give you a sneak peek about the personality of the owner. A lot of these signs have lines wittier than the entire episode of a stand-up comedy show. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some fascinating yard signs that put ‘fun’ in the word funny.

Everything Needs to Go

This is one hell of a smart wife. When she caught her husband cheating on her, she decided to take matters into her own hands instead of lamenting about her fate.

Reddit // u/LeeOCD

Flipping the narrative, she decided to sell all of her now-ex husband’s belongings. We hope the guy wasn’t one of the items on sale. He wouldn’t fetch a handsome price given his cheating history, we feel!

Don’t Bug Us!

We love a person whose life reads like an open book. They have no secrets to hide — nor do they have any skeletons lying somewhere in their closet that they need to Marie-Kondo.

Reddit // u/joylover2213

Like the person behind this yard sign — they seem to be brutally honest and in the know of what their needs and wants are. They are pretty open about their financial status too and seem to be aware of the political scene. We’d give them a brownie point for that.

Passing on the Gift of Health

Health is wealth — and this person seems to be aware of the importance of a healthy regime. They, in a way, represent the broken fitness resolutions that most of us love to make every New Year.

Reddit // u/LeeOCD

The words ‘fat’ and ‘lazy’ in the yard sign resonates with us on a deeply personal level. We kind of feel attacked! What about you?

The Truth Comes Out

Here’s another funny (and powerful) yard sign about a cheating husband. This, unlike the previous one, informs us about the situation with a bit of subtext. So, this husband in question was cheating on two women at the same time while his wife was busy nursing his ailing mother.

Reddit // u/idalien

The women, upon discovering the truth, joined forces and came up with this yard sign to make the entire neighborhood aware of this man and his poor decisions.

Fancy Some Crap?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But, sometimes, one man’s crap could simply be another man’s crap — as this yard sign cheekily implies.

Facebook // Penny Heying Gabbert

We don’t know about you but we’re sold. This is branding at its best. Wanna join us in checking out crap? We can grab a soda and a cheeseburger later.

This Has Got Us Inspired

Some of these yard signs are so creative that they deserve a mention on this list. This one, for starters, uses reverse psychology to optimize its message.

Reddit // u/pixels625

And, it has done an excellent job at it. This can be a solid case study for how to attract customers without spending a buck. Are any B-schools seeing this? This should probably be part of some marketing curriculum.

No Paranormal Activity Here

We don’t know about you guys, but we still check underneath our beds before we go to sleep! Horror movies still get the best of us, after all. So, with that, we have to commend this realtor for pointing out that the house is actually ghost-free.

Reddit // u/gingerbread_nemesis

This yard sign is a clever way of selling property to those buyers who are looking to move into a house with their loved ones minus any paranormal intruders or gatecrashers. Who likes gatecrashers anyway, paranormal or not!

You’ve Been Warned

It seems like that the owner of this yard sign doesn’t take stealing lightly — and is slightly unforgiving in nature. He believes in waging a war against anyone that attempts to steal his sign for a second time.

Twitter // @trehm2

And how does he do this? Simply by putting up a second yard sign, which is essentially just a warning. You’ve definitely been warned, thieves!

Zombie, FTW?

A lot of yard signs are full of political humor in various shades. This is one such sign from the lot. Apparently, the guy was displeased with the results of the election and he expressed his discontent by putting up a yard sign — for the entire neighborhood to see.

Facebook // Assemblyman Gregory T. Hafen II

If you’re an avid watcher of zombie movies, you would know that zombies are going to take over the world any day now. This guy just happened to know beforehand!

A Forgetful Husband

A home is made of members of the family (unless you’re a family of one). This means a home includes the husband, the wife, the children, and other family members if any. They all contribute in their way to make the phrase ‘home sweet home’ a pleasant reality.

Facebook // Gina Linetti

This ‘husband’ seems to have forgotten this fact by putting up a sign on the lawn. But, his wife and sons were quick to remind him that he’s alone in this particular case.

Keep Quiet, Please!

Can we stop talking for some time and maintain pin-drop silence as the grass is sleeping? Yes, the grass also needs its beauty sleep to look green, fresh, and youthful.

Reddit // u/[deleted]

Let’s be a doll and not break its REM cycle— though we wonder what it must be dreaming about. Perhaps getting grazed by a lawnmower or being caressed by a soft breeze? We think we should also hit the bed for a while.

Establishing Rules

This looks like a yard sign from a boutique resort — and it’s a perfect example of why the rules and boundaries need to be established firsthand. The rules, as per this yard sign, include a set of ‘no-nos’ such as no running, no jumping, and no peeing in the swimming pool.

Reddit // u/RedditRocks2021

But, swimsuits are optional? Hmmm, that’s strange. Something about this sign seems a little backwards to us.

The Senior Neighborhood

Why should the youth have all the fun, we say! Senior citizens have a fine sense of humor, as well, and we should let them showcase it.

Facebook // Gina Linetti

This yard sign welcomes visitors to the town of Hillville and is accompanied by humorous illustrations of the problems that senior citizens face every day. It also mentions that celebrating birthdays is a faux pas in this locality.

The Infestation of Flamingos

The word infestation is predominantly used with respect to the outbreak of insects. But, here we have expanded its usage to flamingos — because this person’s lawn is full of dozens upon dozens of plastic flamingos.

Facebook // Main Street Peddlers Antique Mall

He has also mentioned the reason behind these actions, stating that he would have rather spoken like good neighbors do, rather than get the police force involved. Why do we feel like this isn’t going to end anytime soon?

Kindly Maintain Dress Code

We have the neighborhood fashion police here, and they’re quite particular about what joggers should and shouldn’t wear. The person thinks that any runner passing by his house should be decently covered.

Twitter // @book960

But, the word ‘decent’ can mean different things to different people. In any event, we bet that joggers paid no attention to this sign. After all, what gives this person the right to reprimand total strangers?

Missing Items

Next up is an interesting neighborhood yard sign pasted on the trunk of a tree. The sign is about a missing turtle and a pair of nunchucks. The sign’s copy reads — ‘Missing: Pet turtle and nunchucks.’

Reddit // u/[deleted]

It further mentions that, though his turtle appears slow, it’s actually quite dangerous. The person is also optimistic that his turtle will eventually return home. He might — but what about nunchucks? They sure can’t travel on their own, right? Can they?

The Big Fat Sale

Give us a high-five or a fist bump (comments and re-shares are nice also!) if you, too, love a good sale like us! Stumbling across a good find in a sale is a feeling like no other.

Facebook // Gina Linetti

This yard sign owner seems to be aware of the psychology of a sale lover. He has tapped into their minds by putting up a yard sign that reads ‘OMG Becky, Look at that sale. It is so big!’ This one is gonna be a crowd-puller, if you ask us!

Maintain Your Distance

Everyone is requested to maintain a safe distance — this is Lawn & Order: Special Grass Unit, after all. Any trespassers shall be subjected to strict consequences.

Facebook // Bayou Vista Lawn Care

Therefore, we request you not to venture near the property and maintain a safe distance from it. Your cooperation is much appreciated. Thank you! Also, refrain from clicking any images should you want us to seize your electronic devices.

The Chicken or Egg Situation

What came first — the chicken or the egg? If you ask people this question, chances are you will get a host of responses with no definitive answer. They probably don’t know the answer either.

Facebook // Inwood Community Rummage Sales

This yard sign seems to have borrowed a page out of this popular concept as its copy reads, “Is it a yard sale or an inexpensive department store?” There’s one way to find out…

Dishing Out Some Cat Facts

How well do you know cats? If your knowledge about cats is rusty, this yard sign will teach you a fact or two. This cheeky yard sign that was placed before Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital reads — if cats could text you back, they would not.

Facebook // Holly Ridge Veterinary Hospital

Though it’s a purely hypothetical fact, it will help you in lowering your expectations when it comes to your pet cat.

Listing Done Right!

The art of listing your property for sale is an important aspect of property sales. It should attract the potential buyer — and help you close the deal in the shortest time. So, the messaging of your listing should be bang on and as per the needs and wants of the buyer.

Facebook // Bertie Clark Poore

If you’re looking to sell your property to a price-conscious buyer, you can probably take some cues from this yard sign that suggests this property is almost as cheap as dumpster living!

A Sale in Wisteria Lane

We all know about the desperate housewives from Wisteria Lane. They have manicured gardens, well-maintained homes, and not-so-glossy lives. This yard sign seems to be taking place in the Wisteria Lane as it reads — ‘Desperate people selling desperate things.’

Facebook // Gina Linetti

Are we desperately trying to read into something that just doesn’t exist or just desperate to meet those desperate housewives? If we really could, it would be rather swell.

Batman Is Coming!

Here’s your rare golden chance to meet the superhero, Batman, as he has taken some time off from his busy schedule to attend this epic yard sale. We didn’t know that Batman is also a shopaholic like us!

Facebook // Kassie Juenemann

We have marked our calendar to attend this. Why? Because Batman is coming and we wouldn’t want to miss the chance of shopping with him. However, we doubt he would be there doing any shopping. Alfred would take care of it, wouldn’t he?

Clearing the Confusion

Well, we need neighbors like this one who can confess that they goofed up when they do so to avoid the misunderstanding from snowballing further. Apparently, this guy left a love note for his wife in his car.

Facebook // A different type of Art

Turned out, he had made a mistake and left the note on the wrong car. Once he realized that, he put up a yard sign explaining his side to all the parties involved in this incident — knowingly and unknowingly.

Ryan Gosling Is Coming!

Ryan Gosling is incredibly attractive. Let’s admit it — that the man is near-perfect, flawless. So, when Ryan Gosling decides to grace the neighborhood sale with his presence, we have to re-schedule everything.

Facebook // Oklahoma City Garage Sale Craigslist Auction Flea Market Buy Sell Finds

We have to make sure that we’re at that sale before time. Who knows we might end up shopping for the same things apart from that tea set he’s coming to shop for. Our fingers are toes are crossed!

Exhibit A

You might think that a simple “Beware” sign should be enough to deter people from entering a dangerous place, but unfortunately, that doesn’t really seem to be the case. So, these people had to get a bit more creative.

Reddit // u/Kiwifish5

So, instead of asking people not to cross the gate, this sign goes into the whole process of what’s going to happen if they do decide to disregard this very clear warning. Just keep in mind that if there ever is a trial, with a sign like this, the gate will definitely win!

Cats and Dogs

We absolutely love the fact that some signs have no serious purpose but are purely there to add a bit of cheer to our daily life. This sign definitely made our day with its hilarious joke!

Reddit // u/CaptnMesoAmerica

This is an absolutely brilliant idea to make sure that people who pass by have a good laugh. We hope more people create sweet signs like this with silly jokes that are guaranteed to make any passers-by laugh.

Throwing Stones

We’re not completely sure about this, but we have a hunch that whoever put this taunting sign up actually does want people to throw stones at it. Otherwise, why would it tell people very clearly not to throw stones?

Twitter // @BBCRadio2

Just look at how many stones (the white dots) are on the field behind the sign! If this person really didn’t want anyone throwing anything, they probably should’ve just put nothing up — we bet there’d be a lot less stone target practice that way.

A Fine Fine

One of the biggest issues with living in a crowded city is the endless and relentless lack of parking. So, we absolutely understand why people get really territorial over their private parking spots.

Reddit // u/fjacobs1000

Thanks to a missing letter on this sign, though (which was probably scratched off by some punk), it looks like there aren’t going to be any consequences to anyone who parks in this private space. Nice!

The Wheelbarrow Chronicles

No one likes something being stolen from them, especially when it’s something as necessary to yard work as a wheelbarrow. This homeowner sure wasn’t pleased with it — so much so that they put an angry sign for the thief.

Reddit // u/Skullzyyyy

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Whoever took the wheelbarrow might have only borrowed it for a little while. Since it was returned, it was only right that the owner put up another sign thanking the repentant thief.

The Rabbit of Caerbannog

As any Monty Python fan will probably know, just because you might think a little bunny rabbit should be absolutely harmless, it doesn’t mean that’s actually true. In fact, this rabbit could absolutely be a vicious beast!

Facebook // The Church of King Bunny

So, we suggest taking this warning sign very seriously. Just make sure you don’t make any sudden moves near this attack rabbit. In case you were wondering — if you look to the top left of the photo, you can see the scary monster keeping watch!


There are all sorts of ways to get back at a cheating spouse — and one of the most entertaining for the neighbors is definitely a large sign in the yard letting everyone know what’s going on.

Twitter // @uchgaeri

While some go for complicated and convoluted signs (like some of the ones we’ve seen on this list), this person decided to keep it nice and simple. Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t argue that it’s very effective at getting the point across.


This community center sign sure knows that your mental health is incredibly important. It can also be very fickle — swinging from side to side like, well, a swing. This sign is both a funny joke and a warning.

Twitter // @VictorOcampo

After all, whoever crosses the person who made this sign has been warned that it might be best to stay away from now on, at least until that mental swing chain can be fixed back up.

The Transformer Agenda

While we might not be happy with the idea of our computers rising up to become our robot overlords, of all the fictional robots we could be stuck with, we do feel like Megatron of the Transformers might not be the worst choice.

Twitter // @robport

Can you imagine Ultron, Skynet, the Sentinals in the Metrix, or those gross Decepticons taking over the world? If that ever happened, humanity would be really screwed. We definitely think it would be better to all hail Megatron!

Pay Back Is a Dog

Retail therapy might be known for making many of us feel better, but we think that “yard sale therapy” should absolutely be considered the way to deal with hurt feelings over a nasty breakup.

Facebook // Gina Linetti

Honestly, this guy’s biggest crime (and the reason all his things should be sold off to complete strangers) is the fact that he stole his ex-partner’s dog! We would be happy to join in on this form of revenge to get back at this awful person.

Homey Holidays

It’s hardly unusual to see a large “For Lease” sign outside a property. After all, it’s a great way to publicize that the place is available. Whoever changed this sign, though, decided that with some light vandalism, they could add some holiday cheer to the neighborhood.

Twitter // @alienxdee

After all, is there a better way to say “Happy Christmas” than a silly pun in Spanish? We just hope that whoever did this changed the sign to this festive message after the place was leased…

Memes to the Rescue

Marketing your yard sale is no easy task. After all, in the vast majority of cases, you’re completely dependent on how many people saw your signs around the neighborhood and were intrigued enough to come and take a look.

Facebook // Lisa Shira

This person decided to go all out with their “ad” and used a popular meme to draw in a younger crowd to their yard sale. Let’s just appreciate the amount of time and effort that was put into creating this sign — they actually recreated the meme by hand!

In a Yard Sale Far Far Away

Whoever created this yard sale sign, let their geek flag fly high with this one! They really didn’t skimp on any details. From just one look at this flyer, we’re able to see just how much this person loves Star Wars.

Facebook // Gina Linetti

Honestly, the more you read on, the funnier it becomes. Did you see that at some point, it even reads, “Mmmm yes the stuff is strong with this one?” May the yard sale force be with you!

Let’s Go to the Ool!

People feeling a bit too comfortable at the pool and letting themselves dirty it up for everyone else is always a bit of an issue. This sign, however, decided to call out this behavior in a hilarious way.

Facebook // Gina Linetti

Without going into icky detail, this sign managed to let everyone know that this “ool” is going to stay clean! If this actually helps, we think we should switch all our pools to ools!

All Must Go

When you’ve been seriously hurt, sometimes, the only way to get over that pain is with some well-earned payback (and some humor). So, when a spouse cheats, it’s only fair that all their things are sold off, right?

Reddit // u/itsbecca

We especially love how this person is throwing everything away, including their cheating wife! After letting go of all the extra baggage in their life — both physical and metaphorical — we hope this person can heal and move on.

A Historical Fact

If the property is too old, people tend to get curious about its history and what must have happened there years ago. Was this property visited by some celebrity or was it a site for some secret meeting?

Twitter // @bigdaddyssigns

This yard sign debunks the notion that, sometimes, such curiosity is nothing but a figment of imagination as it states that nothing happened on this spot. For all you know, something spooky did happen but they just don’t want you to know.

You’ve Been Warned

You must have probably come across ‘Keep off the grass’ signs on many occasions. But, how often have you come across a warning that backs it up with a litany of reasons?

Reddit // u/Ro4b2b0

Hardly any right? Well, you’re in luck as we’ve found one such yard sign that tells people to keep off the grass and not to let their pets use it as their personal restroom either. It does ring true on many levels!

You Have Been Trolled

Trollers are everywhere. As opposed to the prevalent belief, they’re not necessarily online creatures. They have a pretty offline presence, too — case in point being this yard sign.

Reddit // u/LarryMoCurley

Apparently, a sign that says ‘no signs on yard’ (take a moment to digest the irony behind the sign!) was trolled with a second yard sign that accepted the challenge. The games have just begun, and how!

Fulfilling His Dream

People often have many items on their bucket list — such as witnessing the Northern Lights, scuba diving with the sharks, stealing a kiss under the Eiffel Tower, pursuing a political career, and more.

Facebook // Lone Star Signs

This gentleman here also has put up a yard sign very similar to the kinds you would see politicians put up. But, he doesn’t want to run. He’s simply fulfilling an experience and striking out yet another thing off the bucket list.

Plot Twist

You have to read this yard sign carefully as it may not be what you think it is. The image on this sign is misleading at its best. Apparently, the sign is more of a cat-bashing (read the image for details) and indicates how fed up the guy is with this cat.

Facebook // Gina Linetti

He, in fact, is ready to get rid of his all-time meowing cat (his words — not ours) to the person who returns his lost car keys. So, deal or no deal?