Grey’s Anatomy Has Been Around Forever, Let’s Take a Look Back at How Much the Cast Has Changed

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The iconic medical drama has been on our screens for an incredible 18 years! Very few shows get to last that long and be as successful. This beloved show has seen a lot of actors come and go and made many of them into stars. But where are they now, or are they still on the show? And how have they changed since they started on the show? We’ve made a list to answer those questions!

Sarah Drew – April Kepner Then

Sarah joined the cast in 2009 as one of the interns from “rival” hospital, Mercy West, when it merged with Seattle Grace. Due to her faith, her character struggled with many difficulties, especially seeing good people die.

Reddit // u/_GreysAnomaly

Her relationship with Jackson was both tumultuous and heartwarming, especially after they lost their baby to Spina Bifida. April married Matthew and left Seattle to continue working with the homeless.

Sarah Drew – April Kepner Now

Sarah has appeared in a few guest roles since leaving Grey’s Anatomy, but her success has largely come from Hallmark movies like Christmas in Vienna and Reindeer Games Homecoming.

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She also played the lead role in the 2020 film Indivisible, based on the true story behind the film. In addition to acting, Sarah has also directed episodes of the TV shows Grey’s Anatomy and Mixed-ish.

Jesse Williams – Jackson Avery Then

Jackson Avery, a plastic surgeon at Grey-Sloan Memorial, had to live up to the legacy of his world-famous surgeon grandfather Harper Avery. He had a relationship with fellow surgeon April Kepner, and they had two children, but their first child passed from a birth defect, straining their relationship.

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The couple broke up in Season 12. Jackson later invited April to join him in Boston to take over the Harper Avery Foundation, which they both accepted, resulting in their departure from the show.

Jesse Williams – Jackson Avery Now

Jesse Williams produced the Academy Award-winning short film Two Distant Strangers in 2021. The actor has been active in many other projects outside of Grey’s Anatomy. He has appeared in films such as Selah and The Spades, and Random Acts of Violence.

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Williams starred in the Broadway revival of Take Me Out. He has also produced a number of projects, including a documentaryand a short film called Two Distant Strangers. This film went on to win the Academy Award for Best Live-Action Short Film in 2021.