40+ Fashion Mistakes That Men Need to Stop Committing

This article appeared in Girlpaths and has been published here with permission.

Men’s Awful Fashion Mistakes

Fashion changes all the time. This applies to men’s fashion as much as it does to women’s fashion. Just as there have been many fashion faux pas in the ladies’ niche, the same can be said for men. Today, we’ll be focusing on the mistakes committed by men. We have compiled a collection of unforgivable men’s fashion and style fails that have been committed. There’ll be laughter, cringes, and maybe even tears for these poor men.

Avoid Holes in Socks

All men seem to have holes in their socks, yet they avoid getting rid of them at all costs. The problem with holes in socks is that these don’t look any good. Unfortunately, if a worn area is starting to appear on the sock, you need to throw it away ASAP. Time for new socks!

Avoid Holes in Socks

If you’re prone to wearing out the toes faster than the rest of the sock, consider socks that offer more padding in the toe area in order to prevent holes. Throw out old socks and you won’t have to worry about holey socks anymore!

Prevent Product Build-Up

Men won’t admit it, but they secretly love their hair care products. From gels, hairsprays, and leave-in conditioners, there’s plenty for men to add to their hair. It‘s all good and well until you end up applying too much. Hair gel, especially, looks greasy and hard when you use too much.

Prevent Product Build-Up

You don’t need to apply much when it comes to hair gel and mousse. A small amount rubbed between your hands and spread evenly through your hair is sufficient enough for styling.

Get Rid of Denim Shorts

Many men wear denim shorts. Normally, they sit just above knee height. They’re popular for all different ages, from teens to adults. Unfortunately, we have some bad news for you… Get rid of them, now!

Get Rid of Denim Shorts

These shorts don’t look good and often have a too-relaxed look. Since pulling off the short denim look can be hard, avoid it altogether. Opt for something comfortable that still offers plenty of styles – like chino shorts.

The Classic Fanny Pack

Your eyes will hurt if you look at someone wearing a waist bag, or fanny pack as they used to be called. It’s a good idea for your sanity to avoid wearing one of these annoyingly popular items.

The Classic Fanny Pack

If we’re honest, we can’t say this trend made sense the first time around. Yet, here it is again, making most of us feel uncomfortable. Skip this one, gents! There’s no redeeming quality here.

Control the Sunglasses Look

Our friendly advice is to get rid of the sports sunglasses look; they no longer give off a cool vibe. If you want your shades to look like a fashion statement, then you need to stop buying cheap sunglasses.

Control the Sunglasses Look

If you want to come across as someone with style, opt for brands such as Ray-Ban and Tom Ford. If you’re budget-friendly, spend more money on other accessories for your outfit. Sunglasses don’t add much value.

Don’t Look Like a Costumed Character

Men seem to think that wearing more colors and patterns at once is a good idea. Let’s get one thing straight – it’s not, under any circumstances. You may be able to pull it off with dark or neutral colors.

Don’t Look Like a Costumed Character

When it comes to bright-colored patterns and shades, you can mix one or two. Any more than that and you’ll look like something from a kid’s cartoon. You may even get asked where the dress-up party is located!

Sports Jerseys Are Not Daily Attire

Let’s be clear on this one: Sports jerseys are great for getting in the mood to watch a game on TV or to show your support when going to a live game. Unfortunately, men seem to forget that the jerseys should come off after the game.

Sports Jerseys Are Not Daily Attire

Sports jerseys aren’t something that you wear around the house for daily wear. These types of clothes don’t work well for everyday wear. Stick to normal shirts or tanks for around the house and leave the jerseys for the next game.

Avoid the Clunky Look

Women can pull off jewelry, from bangles to rings and earrings. Men don’t have the same privilege. Men can’t wear a lot of rings on their fingers without looking messy. Forget the oversized jewelry and aim for one or two pieces of petite jewelry.

Avoid the Gangster Look

Avoid any big buckles, stones, or thick banded bracelets and rings. Work with silver more than gold, as gold can give off an obnoxious look more than silver.

Say ‘No’ to Fur

This look has been out of fashion for a long time. If you’re going camping in winter, then you can wear this. However, don’t let anyone see you wearing one of these anywhere else.

Say ‘No’ to Fur

For that matter, you can’t be seen in public wearing a fur coat or hat. You might be mistaken for someone living in the past. Putting a fur coat on leaves you open to many looks of confusion.

The Socks With Sandals Fad

Why do men think wearing socks with sandals is acceptable and looks good? The only way to describe this is simply ugly! Socks go with sneakers, and bare feet go with sandals. That’s the right way to wear them.

The Socks With Sandals Fad

If you feel a little self-conscious about your feet, then your best bet is to go ahead and just pop socks on and wear sneakers. Wearing socks with sandals at home is okay but slip on sneakers when you leave the house.

Brands Don’t Define You

Are you one of those people who are loyal to brand names? Do you feel good about wearing brand-name clothing? Think about it for a minute and realize that brands don’t define you or your style.

Brands Don’t Define You

Try out new clothes and see how they fit and feel. You may find other branded clothing to feel more comfortable than those with an expensive price tag.

Forget Beaten-Up Shoes

Now, if there’s something that ruins a good outfit, it’s dirty and beaten-up shoes. These shoes have the effect of ruining even the plainest, most casual look. If you’re prone to ruining shoes, have a nice, clean pair for outings and keep the more beaten-up pair to wear around the house.

Forget Beaten-Up Shoes

No matter how well you design your wardrobe and how expensive your outfit is, you’re ruining the look by wearing beaten-up shoes.

Monochromatic Suits

We only see monochromatic suits in movies like The Matrix. Quite often, these suits are only worn by movie villains. Wearing everything in the same color as a suit is a no-go.

Monochromatic Suits

The problem with doing this is it makes it hard to be noticed. You end up blending in, and people need to take a second look to notice you. Add some color! It doesn’t need to be bold, just enough to break the monochromatic look.

Tie Clips and a Vest

Never wear this! You already have a waistcoat that works well to hold the tie in place, so why would you need a tie clip? It just seems like overkill.

Tie Clips and a Vest

In this case, you need to choose one or the other – there’s no in-between or compromise, sorry folks. Going into a hurricane, well, maybe the two might prevent the tie from swirling around, but we think the waistcoat will do just fine.

Suspenders With a Belt

Why, oh, why would someone wear suspenders with a belt? Isn’t the whole point of wearing a belt to hold your pants up? Do you wear suspenders to hold your pants up? Why would someone wear both?

Suspenders With a Belt

Unfortunately, you need to choose which one you’re going to wear. Suspenders seem to be old and outdated now. Perhaps stick to a belt to appear normal, rather than overkill with the whole holding your pants up thing.

Get Yourself Some Collar Stays

Nothing looks worse than having a limp collar floating around in the wind. The good thing is you can buy a collar stay that’ll flatten the collar and keep it in place. There’s nothing formal about a limp collar. Collar stays are affordable and easy to use. You can’t even tell they’re there!

Get Yourself Some Collar Stays

So what’s your excuse for not wearing one? You can purchase a collar stay from any formal clothing shop that sells men’s shirts. Consider buying one when you buy your next shirt.

Correct Your Tie Length

One thing that we see too often is men wearing ties that are either too short or too long. Both look out of place and are easily noticed. A tie’s length needs to be around belt level. Sometimes, you can get away with it being longer, but never go shorter!

Correct Your Tie Length

Short ties are something to laugh about. It’s also important to consider the width. If you’re thin, then a thick one won’t suit you; a thin one won’t suit a larger person.

How Many Buttons?

There’s controversy over how many buttons are best to button on your suit jacket. The general rule is to open the last button on waistcoats and jackets. Some men might not worry about this, but it tends to interfere with the aesthetics and proportions.

How Many Buttons?

Remember to undo a couple of buttons on your jacket when you sit down. Doing so will take pressure off the threads. But in the same way, don’t walk around with all the buttons undone – it looks sloppy and ruins the impact of a suit.

Sneakers With Suit Pants

Well, we can’t say we agree with this look. We can’t bring ourselves to agree with it, but there is a way to make the whole outfit look better. We all own sneakers, but it doesn’t mean they’ll look good with a suit!

Sneakers With Suit Pants

Plain low-line white sneakers are the best to use if you really have to wear sneakers with a suit. Anything like high tops or bulky shoes is going to look ridiculous. This rule also goes for black sneakers, but it depends on what color suit you’re wearing.

Match the Socks

You might think it’s not a big deal, but socks can break or make an outfit. There are a few general rules when it comes to wearing socks. Don’t think it doesn’t matter because people can’t see them because, at times, they can.

Match the Socks

When you sit down, the pants slide up, and there are your socks. Avoid white socks at all costs, and cartoon characters or patterns go in the same category. Do everyone a favor and match the socks with the outfit.

Consider the Length of the Pants

Seriously, men don’t have fashion sense if they think the length of their pants doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what type of pants you have on, the length is important. Pants that are too long or too short look bad.

Consider the Length of the Pants

If you buy pants that are too long, a simple hem alteration will do the job. You have two options for pants: Over the shoes or just sitting on top of the shoes.

The Right Arm Length

This is another common issue that men seem to overlook often. It doesn’t look good to have your sleeves over your hands, whether it’s a suit coat, shirt, or casual long-sleeve. The sleeve should be positioned just over the wrist.

The Right Arm Length

Again, a simple hemming job will do the trick. It’s easy to learn how to do it yourself or take the shirt to an alteration shop to have it fitted and hemmed correctly. Don’t leave yourself looking sloppy when there’s a simple fix.

Incorrect Suit Fit

Sometimes, men like to splurge and buy expensive suits for a wedding or a special occasion. Unfortunately, there’s no point in buying an expensive suit if it doesn’t fit you correctly. There’s no in-between, it either fits or doesn’t.

Incorrect Suit Fit

A suit that seems to flow around you will give the impression that you wear clothes that are too big and you don’t care about your appearance. Men can change their whole image, for the better, with a suit that fits properly.

Big, Bold Slogan Icons

These T-shirts basically allow you to show people what you think. Unfortunately, these shirts don’t offer much in the way of fashion. There’s also the fact that many are meant to be funny, but the public doesn’t see it that way.

Big, Bold Slogan Icons

Small logos are ok, especially if they’re for a brand. Many t-shirts that say stupid things like “I paused my game to be here” are seen in a negative light. Keep these at home and go for something a little more stylish for outings.

Say ‘No’ to Extreme V-Necks

Some v-necks are okay if they’re small. You should stay away from the types that are just plain dramatic. You’ll get more frowns than anything else when wearing one of these. You might get a few ladies looking at your chest hair, but overall, these are bad.

Say ‘No’ to Extreme V-Necks

V-necks were once in, and some people still wear them. However, they’re more of a gym-wear option than something you’d wear when going out. Stick to something a little less overboard.

No Words to Describe It

What exactly is this? Is it a tank top, fishnet, or something else? Does it even have a name? The question is, why is a man wearing one of these?

No Words to Describe It

That’s certainly not gym wear, nor does it even fit in the casual department. What purpose does this “shirt” serve? Please don’t buy one of these.

Hats, Hats, and No Hats

Well, the whole hat thing that was once in has settled down now and barely exists. Seeing someone wear a bowler hat is a good conversation starter… when you’re in the mood to complain.

Hats, Hats, and No Hats

Sure, sun hats in summer are great! But hats for fashion? No way! If you’re wearing a sporty outfit, you may pull off the whole cap look, but that’s as far as that one’s going to go.

Not All Sunglasses Are Good

Some people wear sunglasses thinking they look good. Unfortunately, most of them don’t look good at all. Many people wouldn’t want to be seen without sunglasses.

Not All Sunglasses Are Good

Not because they shield their eyes from the sun but because they believe it makes them look good. If you aren’t using them for eye protection, avoid them at all costs.

Use Less Hair Products

What good advice! The problem men have when it comes to styling their hair is using too much product. This isn’t good, as too much gel and hairspray can make the hair look greasy and hard. We don’t think this is a good look.

Use Less Hair Products

You can achieve the same look when you reduce the amount you use. The thing to remember is to use the right product for the job. Some products are meant for spiking hair, which gel works great for but hairspray doesn’t.

Failing to Groom

When men don’t groom properly, it’s very noticeable. Many males reading this will state that they don’t use a moisturizer or pluck the hairs from their noses. Many are overdue for haircuts and can’t remember when they last used shampoo and conditioner.

Failing to Groom

A simple haircut, a good wash, and a proper shave can go a long way regarding your appearance. Did you know that men can take 10 years off their appearance when tidying themselves up?

Take Action and Brush Your Teeth

While it’s not only yucky to look at, it also feels gross when your teeth are dirty. It can be costly to go to the dentist, that’s for sure, but a good clean might be all you need.

Take Action and Brush Your Teeth

If you don’t clean your teeth, they turn yellow, and you end up with gum disease. Avoid kissing anyone, as your breath will be disgusting. Everyone’s happy when you have a fresh, clean mouth.

Don’t Overdo the Accessories

Too many men love to go crazy with accessories. Unfortunately, they can give off the look of someone trying to appear rich, which doesn’t look good. You can achieve a stylish look just by using a nice watch and even some cufflinks.

Don’t Overdo the Accessories

The more you wear, the more you look silly. Sometimes less is more. For men, a simple look with two accessories looks more appealing. There’s no need to overdo it.


Oh no, this hurts our eyes to look at! What on earth is going on in this picture? The black and white for a whole suit is wrong, not to mention the fact there’s so much going on with the pattern!


It looks like he chose this outfit to draw attention to himself, but he may have attracted the wrong kind of attention. A stylish outfit like this belongs behind a closed door. Patterns don’t suit men. If you must wear patterns, consider it for a handkerchief in your pocket.

Say ‘No’ to Shark Tooth Necklaces

These were once the ‘in’ thing, as they were considered fashionable. Unfortunately, that was many years ago. No one wears these anymore, apart for one or two surfers.

Say ‘No’ to Shark Tooth Necklaces

If you like wearing jewelry, opt for something a little more stylish and definitely in the current era. These are nothing more than novelty items when people wish to dress up as Crocodile Dundee.

Avoid Crocs

Unfortunately, Crocs never made it far in the fashion world. These weren’t popular among children and certainly not among men. Crocs look silly, and that’s all you need to know.

Avoid Crocs

Avoid wearing them. You’d probably look better wearing a pair of slippers. In fact, you’d probably gain more respect in slippers, or even bare feet, than you would while wearing Crocs.

Canvas Slip-On, No Way!

Canvas slip-ons are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. However, the truth is coming out and it’s going to hurt! Get rid of your canvas shoes. Don’t, under any circumstances, wear these in public.

Canvas Slip-On, No Way!

These shoes are in the same category as Crocs. They get dirty, are hard to clean, and simply look bad. You can do so much better! Even a pair of flip-flops would be better than the old canvas slip-ons. Time to up your game!

High-Waisted Pants, NEXT!

Oh dear, please avoid wearing old high-waisted pants. The style comes and goes for women, and most can pull it off without any hassle. Men, on the other hand, must steer clear of these. If you must wear these, don’t wear tucked-in shirts with them.

High-Waisted Pants, NEXT!

Men don’t need to highlight their hips. An oversized shirt might hide most of these pants. They may have worked back in the day but not anymore.

Toe Shoes

We have the Crocs and the canvas shoes, but unfortunately, we also have toe shoes. As if toe socks weren’t horrible enough, they were at least hidden by your shoes. Can anyone tell us what these shoes would pair well with?

Toe Shoes

These shoes shouldn’t have been invented in the first place, and we struggle to understand why and how they’d offer any benefits. Do you wear toe socks or no socks? Don’t answer that. Instead, throw them away!

Men Don’t Wear Earrings

Earrings were a thing that was popular in the 80s, and that’s where they need to stay. There’s no room for male earrings in this day and age.

Men Don’t Wear Earrings

A necklace or ring is a much better alternative. Lose the earrings and stop traveling back to the 80s – which is in the past for a good reason.

Ugg Boots and Men? Nope!

Sorry, but we have to say ‘no’ to men wearing Ugg boots. Ugg boots for men aren’t a thing, and they never should be. Sure, everyone likes to relax, so wearing them at home is fine.

Ugg Boots and Men? Nope!

Ugg boots are not leaving-the-house shoes that neither males nor females should wear. Let’s hope they don’t become a fashion statement again anytime soon.

Backpacks and Suits, Hmm

Yes, it’s a thing, men wear suits with a backpack on. Such a look is not a good one, and they often get frowned upon by many. A crossover body bag, or even one on the shoulder, isn’t as bad as a backpack.

Backpacks and Suits, Hmm

Perhaps it’s time to downsize your possessions if you need to carry a backpack. The other option is to carry it in your hands and try to look as casual as possible.

Dirty Shoes

You’ve just washed your white sneakers, and they’re sparkling. But then you look down and see the stains all over your laces. Not cool! It can be hard to remove stains from laces, and they often need stain treatment.

Dirty Shoes

The best thing to do here is to replace the white laces each time you wash your shoes so they look fresh and new each time the sneakers are clean. It’s a good thing that laces are only a few bucks!

A Male Midriff? Please, No

There’s nothing good about this! Men shouldn’t be showing off their bellies unless they don’t have a shirt on at all. A half-shirt? No way!

A Male Midriff? Please, No

It looks like he either put his daughter’s clothes on in the dark or his shirt had a fight with the dryer, and the dryer won. Surely this just shrunk, right? This can’t really be a thing, can it?

Tucked-In Shirts

Are you proud that you tucked your shirt in? Sorry, but there’s nothing good about tucking your shirt in. It looks old-fashioned and like you’re stuck in the past.

Tucked-In Shirts

Younger males can add 20 years to their lives when wearing one of these. Don’t expect to get anyone to accept you on a date when you’re still tucking your shirt in. Most likely, they’ll ask you if you still live with your mom.

Say ‘No’ to Square-Toed Shoes

You should avoid square-toed shoes at all costs. While they might seem good to wear if you like them, they aren’t acceptable under any circumstances. These shoes are outdated and make men look awkward.

Say ‘No’ to Square-Toed Shoes

These are the opposite of really pointed shoes. These shoes are just like real pointed shoes, except they offer a dramatic look which is something to avoid. Just stick to normal shoes for the best outcome.

Here’s How to Style Long Hair for Women Over 60

Instagram // @Anonymous

If you’ve made it to your 60s and you have beautiful, long hair, congratulations because it’s nothing short of a victory! Thick-haired women over 60 are fortunate to have multiple styling options. If you’re looking for a new hairstyle for your long hair, you’ve come to the right place. We have over 40 hair styling tips to give you a fantastic look!

Layers and Curls

If you’re a fan of curly hair, or better yet, you have naturally curly hair, you can add layers throughout the hair to give your curls a smooth blend. Layers will give your hair volume and add a good texture. The overall look will be natural and effortless.

Instagram // @silver_onearth

You can get perfect curls with hot rollers or a curling iron, depending on your desired size. Try to concentrate the curls on the lower half of your hair because you don’t want your hair to get mushy.

Salt and Pepper Balayage

If you’re the kind of person who lives by the philosophy of ‘if you’ve got it, flaunt it,’ then this look is perfect for you. Our past hair color frequently causes issues as we age and develop gray hair. But you can get your natural color with gray blending pigments.

Instagram // @salsalhair

Going for a salt and pepper balayage will take a few color appointments at the salon before you can get completely maintenance-free hair for the season. Balayage will also help you get a more smooth and bouncy texture to your hair.

Side Part and Blow Dry

A side parting gives you extra volume right where you need it and gives your upper hair a bouncy flair. You can get this style by visiting the salon or backcombing the crown hair at home. This hairstyle is suitable for both casual and formal events.

Instagram // @Anonymous

You can make it even better with accessories like a headband or a hair clip. Overall, this styling tip will exude femininity and confidence. Just use hair spray to help the blow-dry last longer.

Messy Waves With Layers

Cherish your natural curls because layered and frantic waves are back! You can keep the layers long if you have thinning hair; don’t worry, it will work quite beautifully in your favor and will give you a more modern look.

Instagram // @en.pantertant.i.leopard

This hairstyle generally goes well with women over 60 who have glasses. But don’t try to do a perm because it will give you the ’80s look we’re trying to avoid. Keep it messy and in style!

Perfect Ponytail

Ponying up long hair is a simple hairstyle that works for many occasions. It’s a good idea to use a fancy elastic band or a scrunchie to gather the hair and hold it in place around the nape of the neck.

Pinterest // @The Right Hairstyles

Before combing the hair into a ponytail, you can tease the crown of your head to give volume and texture. Doing so will give a larger, voluminous look to your hair. You could also try the hack of two ponytails, one above and one slightly below, to give a more organized look.

Gray Highlights

If you’re not so willing to do a solid gray, you can take a different route with subtle gray highlights. Depending on your hair color, gray streaks can create beautiful contrasts with a sun-kissed effect. It also adds depth to thinning locks if that’s a problem.

Instagram // @Anonymous

Smoked gray highlights work wonders if you’re trying to add a bit of warmth to your naturally gray hair. Your hair will chime better with the warm undertones of gold and keep you from looking dull. You have to choose the right shade for your coloring, though.

Blonde Beauty

The thing about blonde hair is that it has many tones and shades, from light yellow to golden tints to darker, ashier tones. Blonde hair has an interesting sheen and brightness because it tends to bounce more light than darker hair. It’s a good hair styling option for women over 60.

Instagram // @emanuelrodhair

You must choose a tone that complements your skin tone. Honey blonde is a safe option for most people. Mix and match blonde shades for your highlights to add depth and character to your hair.

Straight With Volume

This hairstyle is a classic and enduring hairdo that radiates a sense of simplicity and elegance. This look involves wearing your hair straight and parting it in the middle. While it may seem straightforward, achieving this style requires extra attention to detail.

Pinterest // @instagram.com

When done correctly, this hairstyle is a beautiful blend of simplicity and sophistication. It’s a versatile look that can be worn on various occasions, whether for a casual, everyday appearance or a more formal and elegant style.

Side Fringe Loose Curls

This one is another popular and versatile hairstyle that blends a face-framing fringe on the side with gentle, loose curls. With the help of a curling iron, the hair is fashioned into loose, natural-looking curls. The fringe is frequently blow-dried or shaped with a round brush to achieve a polished and smooth finish.

Instagram // @seventh.house.studio

Once you’ve curled your hair and styled the fringe, you can use a flexible hold hairspray to set the curls and keep them in place. Avoid using too much product in order to maintain the natural, airy appearance of the curls. To keep this style fresh, you can use a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent frizz and preserve the curls.

Large Curls and Long Fringe

Large curls with a long fringe are quite the trend right now! It’s a fashionable, glitzy hairdo that blends huge curls with a face-framing fringe. To create the curls, use a large-barrel curling tool or hot rollers. Then, create loose, natural-looking waves by gently combing through the curls with a comb.

Instagram // @thesalonlangley_durham

While it’s a chic and glamorous choice, this hairstyle offers versatility. You can tone it down by choosing beach waves instead of proper curls. The fringes draw attention to the eyes and add a touch of mystery.

Trendy Side Part for White Hair

A sharp, deep side part goes particularly nicely with white hair on women in their 60s. If you want more volume to your hair, take the part deeper. It’s one of the most popular hairstyles for women over 60 with thin hair.

Instagram // @whitehairwisdom

The deep side part adds a touch of interest and character to your hairstyle. It’s a subtle yet effective way to update your look and give it a contemporary twist. Taking the part deeper creates the illusion of more hair volume and height at the crown.

Long Feathered Layers

Feathered layers in long hair are like a magic trick that flatters every face shape. They give your hair a lively bounce and make it feel less flat. It’s like a secret weapon for looking a whole decade younger! So, if you want to jazz up your favorite hairstyle, try feathered layers!

Instagram // @dustindavidsalon

Feathered hair might sound like a blast from the past, but it’s in style today with a modern twist. It’s a timeless choice that pumps up the volume, adds some pep to your locks, and gently frames your face with a soft, feathery touch.

Defined Coils

You can flaunt your lovely coils at any age! Defined coils are a stylish and modern choice that reflects current fashion trends. This hairstyle is popular among people of all ages, making it a timeless and fashionable option for women over 60.

Instagram // @Anonymous

Consider lightening your hair color or going with something bolder to achieve a softer appearance. To keep this look bouncy and natural, you’ll need some excellent curl-defining gels and thick oils. However, this hairstyle will reduce the need for frequent styling and heat treatments that damage your hair.

Natural Curls

Even as we mature, natural curls look lovely and can be worn long. But you need a good haircut to ensure your curls fall softly and naturally over your shoulders. Even though you might be tempted to pick up your curling iron, it’s best to define curls by air drying.

Instagram // @lunacurlstudio

A well-styled curly hairdo can boost your self-confidence. It allows you to stand out and make a statement about your choices. So, make sure that you flaunt your beautiful locks in different curly hairstyles! With the proper care and styling, curly hair can be a stunning choice that complements your age gracefully.

Shadow Roots

This hairstyle allows women to flaunt their roots. Dark-haired people can have a lovely blonde hair color while sparing the roots or letting them grow naturally to create a shadow look. Light-haired people, on the other hand, can frequently refresh and darken their roots at home.

Instagram // @studioorangesalon

Combine dark roots with platinum hair colors for a daring look. The contrast of the hair’s dark roots with the lighter lengths gives it depth and dimension, while the platinum tone gives it a striking, contemporary edge.

Long Waves With Center Parting

A center part on long, wavy hair continues to be a classic choice in fashionable hairstyles. This longer haircut highlights the best facial features, making graying hair look chic. It’s beautiful and simple to maintain.

Instagram // @kariesyourstylist

One of the standout features of this hairstyle is how it flows with movement. Walking or turning your head, the waves cascade gracefully with every stride. It’s a serious confidence booster!

Single Length

A haircut with single-length hair has all hair strands cut to the same length. Since there are no layers to make the hair appear thin, it might give the appearance of having thicker hair. Depending on the person’s taste, single-length hair can be fashioned in various ways, including straight, wavy, or curly.

Instagram // @vickys_grayhair_natural

This hairstyle often has blunt ends, which can create a sleek and polished appearance. This simple, low-maintenance haircut is ideal for those who value simplicity and ease of care. Consider adding some tiny layers to your hair if you want to give volume and movement.

Soft Layers

You can add soft layers to add texture and volume to graying hair. When worn by women over 60, layers help long hair look more youthful. Layers are a terrific approach to speed up the process of growing out your old color to become naturally gray.

Instagram // @Anonymous

Since graying hair is typically coarse and wiry, it’s recommended to use a smoothing cream before blow-drying. If necessary, finish with a shine serum to minimize flyaways. It’ll also give your hair a unique shine when you walk in the sun.

Long Shag With Face-Framing Layers

Choosing a long shag haircut with face-framing layers can be beautiful, especially if you have fine hair with extra fullness and definition. This particular hairstyle is designed to add depth and character to your locks.

Instagram // @v5stylz

The wispy layers gracefully accentuate your cheekbones and jawline, drawing attention to your facial features. They provide a flattering and soft frame that can enhance your overall appearance. Long-shag hairstyles are also known for their ease of styling.

Wispy Bangs for Fine Hair

Women with fine hair look best with soft, wispy bangs because they give the face more lift and volume. It’s a fantastic solution to hide wrinkles and fine lines for people aged 60 and up. You can experiment with the fringe length to fit your preferences and style.

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Soft, wispy bangs have a delicate and subtle appearance. This low-maintenance hairstyle provides a gentle frame to your face without overwhelming your features. It creates a harmonious and balanced look that keeps you looking chic and elegant at any age.


Vivid streaks are significant, brilliant highlights that are added to the hair, usually in shades opposite to the natural hair color.

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Vibrant streaks can provide a dynamic and eye-catching hairdo that makes you look younger. You can choose the intensity and placement of the streaks, allowing you to tailor the look to suit your style and preferences.

Flippy Hairstyle

In the 1960s, flippy hairstyles gained popularity and were distinguished by short to medium-length hair flicked up and out at the ends. Layers of hair are often used in the hairstyle to add the necessary volume and contour.

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Consider using V-cut haircuts to add volume and structure to your hair to obtain this bouncy, layered look. These hairstyles have slanted layers at the ends, giving your look a flippy appearance that’s ideal for looking youthful.


The traditional bun is a timeless hairstyle created by pulling the hair back and fastening it into a round, tight, and clean ball shape. It can be worn in various ways, such as a high bun, a low bun, a sleek bun, a sloppy bun, a braided bun, or a bun with additional accessories.

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Additionally, the bun can assist in regulating and taming naturally curly or frizzy locks, making it a fantastic option for anyone with such hair types. Try a bun hairdo for a classic and refined appearance. It’s ideal for formal events like weddings or dances.

Modern Shaggy

Choosing a modern, shaggy hairstyle, especially if you have long hair, can be a transformative choice that enhances your hair’s natural beauty. The modern shaggy hairstyle is like a magic wand for addressing hair concerns. It creates the illusion of fuller hair by introducing perfectly placed short layers that add dimension.

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The layers in a modern shaggy cut are thoughtfully placed to frame your face. Layers enhance your facial features and create a flattering effect. The layers can draw attention to your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline, adding definition and beauty to your overall appearance.

Medium-Length Tresses

Having medium-length hair is a practical and adaptable hairstyle for women over 60 with different hair types and preferences. You can add layers and texture to give the hair volume and a young appearance. An easy blow-dry can produce a natural and carefree look.

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Generally, medium-length hair for women over 60 is characterized by its capacity to be styled practically and flatteringly. If you’ve had long hair for quite some time now, maybe it’s time to cut it down and mix things up a little.

Long Blonde Cut With Bangs

If you currently have long, blonde hair that’s naturally curly or waved, you might want to try layered bangs to add more texture and flair. If you’re over 60, long, edgy hairstyles can make you look 10 years younger. The secret is to give your favorite classic haircut a fringe!

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Bangs can completely transform your look by adding a touch of modern style. They can create a focal point on your face to draw attention away from signs of aging like forehead wrinkles. You can walk confidently every day with the right style and length of bangs!

Subtle Money Pieces

This hairstyle involves having delicate, natural-looking highlights all over the face, usually framing the hairline. They can be used on hair of all textures and lengths, from short to long, straight to wavy. This style’s adaptability makes it genuinely charming, allowing for personalized adjustments.

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These subtle highlights are carefully placed to make your face look even more beautiful. They can highlight your cheekbones and eyes, adding sparkle to your hair. It’s a chic and flattering choice that’s currently trending everywhere.

Natural Fluff

The texture of naturally fluffed hair is silky and bouncy. Compared to other hair types, it frequently has greater volume and flow. From loose waves to compact ringlets, this curl can have different intensities. You must moisturize your fluffy hair to keep it healthy and stop breakage.

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This moisture balance can be achieved through deep conditioning treatments that infuse your hair with essential hydration. Additionally, selecting hair care products specially formulated for curly or textured hair types is essential.

Off-Center Part

A typical hairstyle technique for women over 60 is the off-center part, which includes splitting the hair slightly off-center rather than in the middle.

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The hairstyle works on various hair types and lengths, including straight, curly, and short and long hair. It’s a low-maintenance hairstyle that doesn’t require too much work.

Donut Bun

No, we’re not talking about glazed pastries; instead, we’re talking about the donut bun, which is just as tasteful! It’s a quick and easy topknot hairstyle that can be tied in about five minutes. This hairstyle has become quite popular among women over 60 since you can play around with it and give it your own unique spin.

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The bun’s name comes from how it should look – like a donut sitting on your crown. Additionally, it looks fantastic with any outfit, whether a flowing gown, a bold pantsuit, or just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Classy Updo

In this hairstyle, the hair is pulled up and away from the neck and face in a classy updo to give the wearer an exquisite and polished look. A classy updo usually has silky, sleek hair that can be styled without frizz or flyaways.

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The bun or twist of the updo is often placed at the back of the head, with the hair pulled up and away from the face. A stylish updo can be low or have considerable height at the crown of the head, depending on your style choice.

Salt-and-Pepper Dreadlocks

Hair with salt-and-pepper dreadlocks usually has an abundance of black and gray strands. Dreadlocks are beautiful and textured hairdos created when hair portions are twisted and allowed to grow naturally over time.

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The overall look of salt-and-pepper dreadlocks can convey originality and cultural pride. Women over 60 are welcome to consider salt-and-pepper dreadlocks if they want to embrace their natural gray hair.

Red Hair

Red hair can be a striking and daring choice for women over 60. Bright, vivid reds can be lovely, but you must see if the color complements your skin. Hairstyles with layers can help give the hair more substance and movement.

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Consider experimenting with red hair colors for a strong and bright appearance. Ask a professional to select the ideal shade for your skin tone and personal style. There’s a tone for everyone, ranging from vivid copper to deep burgundy. With a gorgeous new look, don’t be scared to embrace your bold side!

Side Braid

Hair braided to one side of the head creates a beautiful look that accentuates your facial features. Usually beginning at the crown, this hairstyle is worn to one side of the head. Side braids are chic and simple hairstyles that can be tailored to each wearer’s preferences and needs.

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Try experimenting with the current stitch braids trend if you’re looking to give your standard side braid a twist. The braiding method requires weaving tiny, tightly braided sections over the main braid to achieve a unique and textured effect.

Long Layered Brunette Hair With Face Framing Balayage

Long seamless layers in a traditional style with curtain bangs look elegant and timeless. Add highlights in the balayage form if you want an oomph to your layers. This hairstyle looks the best on brunette hair, but you can also try it with blonde hair.

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Tell your hairstylist that you want judiciously placed curls and carefully chosen color cues to suggest where the eye should be drawn. When cutting, styling, and dyeing your hair, a professional hairstylist will consider those factors.

Wavy Ends

Blend waves into the lower section of your hair to give it abundant waves. This hairstyle is the ultimate game changer if you have thin hair due to hair loss or fine texture since it transforms your hair from a boring 3 to an impressive 10!

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The best way to achieve wavy ends is by using traditional rollers because they will form perfect beach waves. Once you get the rollers out of your hair, comb your curls to get smooth, wavy ends. Remember to keep the rollers concentrated at the end of your hair.