Queen Elizabeth Is Now Coming Out With Her Own Brand of Dish Soap

Queen Elizabeth is now coming out with her own brand of dish soap, which is inspired by Sandringham Estate. She decided to launch dish soap with a scent she loves, to make the chore of washing up that much more enjoyable.

Queen Elizabeth
Details About Queen Elizabeth’s Dish Soap

The Queen started selling her own bottles of “natural dish wash” in the gift shop of her Norfolk home. Each bottle is 500 ml and it will cost you $19.69. It’s branded with the Royal Sandringham Estate logo and the scent of the soap is called “coastal walks”, in reference to the nearby oceanfront.

From the label on the bottle, you can learn that the dish soap is inspired by a shared passion for protecting the environment. The dish wash is made in collaboration with Norfolk Natural Living and it’s created just 10 miles from the estate, using the finest botanical ingredients.

A Little Backstory

The launch of the product comes after Paul Burrell, a former butler of the royal family, said in a podcast back in 2020 that the queen enjoys doing some dishwashing herself. He also said the Queen enjoys picnics but the food is always prepared, so she does the washing up after. When she goes to the log cabin in Balmoral she likes to wash up the dishes and the lady in charge of that does the drying, Paul Burrell commented.

The dish wash is part of a series of collaborations between her, Sandringham Estate, and Norfolk Natural Living. Earlier this year, Queen Elizabeth also created a dog cologne with the “coastal walks” scent. The cologne can be bought for around $13 and it’s designed to help your pet stay smelling fresh and get rid of any bad odors. It’s made of witch hazel and a blend of essential oils.