Get Ready for an Active Spring With These 3 Simple Steps

Tulips blossoming in spring

The time to embrace the spring and its revitalizing energy is inching closer! The cold and unyielding winter keeps us indoors for months, which means lower activity levels and fewer fun outings to bring us energy and excitement. Some may have even suffered a few colds that left the body a bit drained and in need of recuperation. As the warmer seasons are closing in, we look forward to looking out at blooming fields and budding trees, but also the opportunity to make up for lost time and get active! Here are three steps to help prepare you for this amazing season!

1. Embrace New Challenges and Activities

The spring is an excellent time to work on getting fit and strong. This is best done through new challenges and fitness activities. Although gyms are an option all year long, this blooming season is the perfect time to take fitness outside and enjoy some fresh air and lovely views while you work on toning your muscles. If you followed a workout regimen all winter, try to shake it up with a few new exercises, jogging through nature, or a fun new activity to challenge a different set of muscles. This will give you greater benefits and renew your motivation!

2. Think About Healthy Supplements

During the winter, most people go for vitamins C and D as their supplement of choice. This is a great idea to boost the immune system to fight off colds and to replace the benefits we normally would be getting from the sunlight during warmer seasons. However, It’s good to rethink one’s supplement intake during the spring. It could be good to choose supplements that help boost focus, improve energy levels, have benefits for circulation, and improve heart health for the more active season. It’s always best to consult with your doctor before introducing supplements into your diet.

3. Enjoy a Fresh Spring Diet

One of the many benefits of spring is the chance to move away from winter preserves, carbs, and sweets towards healthier choices that are readily available during this season! Fresh fruit and vegetables can once again find their place on our tables. This can motivate you to try out fun new recipes if your cooking creativity dropped during the winter. Enjoy the seasonal veggies to the fullest with a fresh daily salad and snack on some fresh fruit for a great energy boost throughout the day. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water – increased physical activity calls for better hydration.