Everything Moms-To-Be Should Know About Vaccine and Pregnancy

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Everything Moms-To-Be Should Know About Vaccine and Pregnancy

There is surely a lot of weight when it comes to answering whether pregnant women should get the virus vaccine. Future moms also face a higher risk of passing away from the disease compared with those who are not expecting. On top of this, pregnant women who have the virus may have a high risk of poor pregnancy outcomes, including preterm birth, compared with those who don’t have the virus.

What Do Specialists Say?

Getting the vaccine would, in theory, significantly reduce these risks. The caveat: Expecting women were included from the Pfizer- Moderna, BioNTech, and newly FDA-approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine trials. This is currently a common practice for first-round vaccine trials, so there is not much data as people would like on how effective and safe these shots are in pregnant women.

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Everything Moms-To-Be Should Know About Vaccine and Pregnancy

So what do the official guidelines say? Guidance from the CDC reflects this murkiness, as the organization reveals that pregnant women may choose to get the vaccine but stops short of explicitly encouraging it. A practice advisory from the ACOG strikes a similar tone. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that the vaccine should not be withheld from pregnant women.

Still, given the scant information available on the virus shot and the lack of resounding endorsement from specialists, how can those who are expecting make the best decision for their unborn babies? Here is what you need to know regarding the topic.

Is the Vaccine Safe for Pregnant Women Now?

The short answer is that there is not enough data. Yet, the vaccine is safe for pregnant women. This is what Jeanne S.Sheffield says. She is an M.D., director of the division of maternal-fetal medicine, and a professor of gynecology. The very limited information that professors have is promising. Preliminary studies that individuals tested the vaccines in pregnant animals were reassuring and didn’t reveal any safety concerns.