Start Anything With These Four Expert-Approved Motivation Strategies

When’s the ideal time to start doing something good for you? No, it’s not tomorrow! It’s about motivation and finding the things that stimulate a person to change their lifestyle. Some experts believe the emotional response is among the primary reasons why some of us can’t overcome feeling as lazy as a bear. Read on to find out how to cope with the emotional response and motivate yourself to begin!

Think of Someone With Lots of Willpower

If one lacks the willpower to get up and start changing their life for the better, one should imagine someone who does it! A friend or a foe, it doesn’t matter. Thinking of people with the guts to get out of the lazy circle will help you escape it yourself. This motivation strategy can also prompt individuals to work harder than they usually would.

Make Concrete Plans

Some experts explain that when people think in abstract terms, they tend to lose motivation. Therefore, thinking of concrete things creates a sense of urgency, which prompts people to act on time. So, a good strategy is to think of working out one’s triceps and chest or glutes and thighs instead of just “working out.”

Intention Must Become a Part of the Plan

Another motivation strategy to use is creating an implementation plan. Intention and willpower go hand in hand when trying to change one’s lifestyle. Psychologist Peter Gollwitzer has performed many studies showing that objectives in the form of doing something in a particular way to achieve a said goal are incredibly effective. To put it simply, one could create the following intention: “I’ll stretch out for 15 minutes at eight AM in my bedroom.”

Always Be Accountable

The final strategy we have in mind is harnessing one’s existing self-regulatory skills in order to adopt new ones. If letting friends down isn’t what you like to do, plan to work out with a friend. That way, you won’t renege on your friend and spend more time taking selfies than actually doing what you intended to do.

Why Motivation Matters So Much

Motivation is about overcoming your fears, frustrations, or laziness. It involves much more than a few speeches. It’s about creating strategies to help you establish healthier plans for yourself and your life. The ones we’ve described are just a few of the things one can do to overcome their emotional response to changing their lifestyle. Always find what’s best for you in your case and strive to hold on to it.