This French Hack for Better Sleep Is Both Chic and Simple

Pexels // Anna Nekrashevich

The French are known for their traditions around the use of perfume, and its use extends beyond smelling nice on a night out. It turns out that they also use it to help them get to sleep, which is a secret side of perfume that many around the world could benefit from.

Perfume and Sleep

Several women shared their habits when it comes to perfume and sleep. Violette, a French makeup artist, shared that she uses a musk before bed when talking to Into the Gloss. Founder of skincare brand Caudalie also sprays a calming scent on her pillow that consists of things like lavender and chamomile.

The director of communication at Dior Beauty, Sylvie Durcudoy, also uses a fresh scent after a hot shower and facial routine and finds it an important part of her bedtime ritual.

Scents and Emotions

Sylvie Durcudoy considers this habit to be based on the power of aromas to provoke sensations. Smell is the only sense that connects directly to the part of the brain linked to emotions, which is why we commonly enjoy different scents based on our mood.

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Using the same scent is a good idea, as it becomes a part of the bedtime pattern. After a busy day, this ritual before sleep informs the brain to switch to airplane mode. Think of it like those who use a book or a podcast to wind down before turning out the lights.

Why French Women Do It

So why do French women in particular do this? Durcudoy believes it’s because French people develop relationships with perfume from a young age. They know their perfumes well, and they often build up collections of different scents for different moods.

Pexels // NastyaSensei

If you’re considering trying out a perfume to help send you off to dreamland, Durcudoy suggests that you choose one that’s very different from what you wear during the day and a scent that brings you pleasant feelings or memories. You can spray it on your body, or you can even spray it directly on the bed. However you use it, hopefully, it will make dozing off that much easier!