Embrace JOMO — The Joy of Missing Out

In a world consumed by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), there’s a refreshing concept that can elevate our happiness – JOMO (Joy of Missing Out). While FOMO triggers envy, loneliness, and discontent, embracing JOMO brings a peaceful sense of contentment.

Outsmarting FOMO – Finding JOMO

JOMO: Unlocking the Joy of Missing Out to Elevate Your Happiness
Outsmarting FOMO – Finding JOMO

To discover JOMO, it’s crucial to outsmart the triggers that fuel FOMO. One effective technique is to minimize the accessibility of social media apps by moving them away from your phone’s home screen. By creating distance, you can question the deceptive perception created by idealized images and gain a fresh perspective on the reality behind the online facade.

Redirecting Focus

Instead of letting others’ bragging trigger your FOMO, practice extending empathy. Recognize that individuals who share their seemingly perfect lives may be compensating for underlying insecurities or unhappiness. By redirecting your focus and extending compassion, you can shift your attention to what truly matters in your life.

Allowing Self-Compassion

Rather than suppressing negative emotions, embrace sadness when feeling left out. Acknowledge your feelings and offer yourself compassion. Understand that it’s natural to experience moments of longing and allow yourself the space to process those emotions. Through self-compassion, you can find the strength to move forward.

Savoring the Wonder

Savoring the Wonder

Amidst feelings of missing out, pause and focus on the small wonders around you. Appreciate the little moments that bring joy and nostalgia. Whether indulging in a cold popsicle on a hot summer day or finding solace in a simple, quiet moment, these experiences can transform your fear of missing out into genuine pleasure.

Borrowing From Nordic Wisdom

Take inspiration from Nordic countries, which are renowned for their happiness. Embrace their approach of having three to five social commitments per week, emphasizing the importance of social support and meaningful relationships. Engage in active hobbies and join clubs or groups that align with your interests, reducing the tendency to compare yourself to others.

Practicing Awareness

Develop an awareness of activities that lift your spirit and those that drain your energy. Reflect on each day and identify the small actions that brought you joy or depleted your sense of well-being. This simple practice allows you to consciously fill your life with more fulfilling moments, nurturing your happiness.

Cultivating Mindfulness

Embrace mindfulness to break free from the racing thoughts of FOMO. Dedicate at least 10 minutes daily to be fully present and engage in activities that bring you serenity. Whether it’s a stroll or a mindful appreciation of your morning coffee, savoring the present moment allows you to gain a sense of calm and gratitude.

Turn to the Bright Side

View FOMO as a catalyst for personal growth rather than an opposing force. Recognize that witnessing others’ achievements or joyous experiences can inspire and motivate you on your own path. Shift your mindset, understanding that there is enough happiness and opportunities for everyone.

Sharing Appreciation

Cultivate gratitude by regularly sharing what you’re thankful for with others. Embrace JOMO by expressing gratitude once a week, deepening your connection with those around you. As you reveal your authentic self and acknowledge the small moments that bring joy, you’ll find fulfillment in knowing you are where you’re meant to be.

Lowe’s New Build a Birthday Party Kits Have Everyone Excited

Birthday party

Although Lowe’s is already every DIYer’s favorite place, it’s now leveling up by introducing its first-ever build a birthday kit aimed at helping parents while also letting kids get into some exciting DIY adventures. The best part? Parents don’t have to lift a finger. They just need to book a date and show up at Lowe’s!

How the Build a Birthday Kit Works

Currently, Lowe’s birthday kit packages offer a number of building projects for kids to choose from. They range from building custom wall shelves to wooden castles and race cars. These DIY projects are specifically aimed at developing kids’ fine motor skills, independent thinking, and problem-solving. All parents need to do is choose the birthday package they want and schedule the time of the party. Each party lasts up to two hours.

a child wearing a Lowe's branded construction hat

Another piece of good news for parents and caretakers is that there’s no need to BYOG (bring your own gear) because Lowe’s packages include all the essentials, such as aprons, safety goggles, and of course, fun party construction hats! Since safety is a major concern, each birthday party has a designated Lowe’s Red Vest Party Captain to help the kids and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Although each DIY kit is made for 12 kids, the birthday boy or girl can celebrate with up to 20 of their friends. To ensure no one leaves on an empty stomach, parents can upgrade the package ahead of time to include pizza, desserts, and beverages from Domino’s.

Are They Available at Every Lowe’s?

Lowe's New 'Build a Birthday' Party Kits The birthday kits are currently available in select stores only, but if the initiative is successful, more Lowe’s locations will be included. The parties take place at the in-store workshops where Lowe’s is already organizing plenty of weekly events. The idea behind these DIY kits came as a natural extension of Lowe’s goal to “inspire future builders,” as well as to continue to “be an integral part of family milestones and memories.” So, go ahead and book an awesome birthday surprise for your kid at the nearest available location!