How, Exactly, Does One Make Friends as an Adult?

How, Exactly, Does One Make Friends as an Adult?

Many people believe that making friends as an adult is almost impossible. Everyone can make new friendships during their childhood, early 20s, and college years, but once you start that full-time job it’s difficult to meet new people you can connect with on a deeper level. Here are a few unique ways you can make friends.

Make Friends While Having Fun

Going out for a fun night at the club can be the perfect way to meet people who like having fun just as much as you do. Dancing and having a good time can naturally draw people to each other, and their vibes can instantly match.

Introduce yourselves, get a drink, and have a random conversation. It may not sound like much, but a simple night out can lead to long-lasting friendships. Make sure to exchange phone numbers, just in case you don’t remember much the following morning!

Travel Together

You can make great friends during a flight to your dream destination. Travel lovers have so much in common and so much to talk about. If you sit next to someone who seems nice on the plane, you can start a conversation about the flight or the weather, for example. If your vibes click, you won’t stop talking during the entire plane ride.

Travel Together

Order a drink and share the funny travel moments you’ve both had. You can even think of a shared trip in the future. It can be the beginning of a great friendship, especially if you have common interests outside of traveling.

Work Buddies or Mutual Friends

Believe it or not, you can make great friendships at work. If someone at the office seems nice, you can start a conversation by asking for help or advice. It can lead to longer talks, and you can eventually go out for a coffee or lunch. Here’s the story of Chloe and Lindsay, two BFFs who met at the office. Chloe was an editorial assistant, and Lindsay was an intern. However, their age gap wasn’t that big, so they started chatting and got along well. Eventually, Lindsay was offered a job and didn’t have a place to live. The two had become so close that Chloe offered her to move into her apartment. Four years later, they still live together.

Work Buddies

On the other hand, Hanna and Jacky were both marketing research interns for a tech company when they found out they had two mutual friends on Facebook and that their birthdays were only three days apart, which naturally made them bond. Over the years, the two managed to combine friend groups from different circles and had a joint birthday party.