How to Make Perfume Last Longer: Perfumers Reveal Their Surprising Secrets


Finding the perfect scent for your tastes can be tough. Whether you prefer clean smells, flowery scents, or something more musty, you are likely part of the large group of perfume wearers who find their scents quickly disappearing. No matter how expensive your perfume is, there are some things you can be doing to help the scent last longer.

Healthy Skin and the Perfect Scent

Keeping your skin well hydrated is important, especially when chilly weather hits. According to perfume guru Kalliope Amorphous, well-moisturized skin is the key to fragrance longevity. Swipe on unscented moisturizer before spritzing on your perfume, or grab a humidifier and stay hydrated. One pro tip is to apply your scent right out of the shower for maximum power.

Another way to make it last longer is finding a scent that meshes well with your skin chemistry. Perhaps fruity smells aren’t quite right, so try herbal scents like basil or lavender. You can test out travel-sized perfumes to find your perfect match since different skin types play a role. Those with dry skin will find the scent absorbs quickly, so choose wisely.

Perfuming Pulse Points and Your Hair

Have you ever heard of the pulse points in the wrists, neck, inside of the elbows, and behind the knees? It turns out that those are the perfect places to spray your perfume because they’re warm, making the scent last longer. You can also try swiping on some petroleum jelly or Aquaphor first as it creates an oily barrier for your scent to stick to.


Another thing you may have never thought of is to spray your favorite fragrance on your hairbrush! According to skincare queen Christina DiFerdinando, your hair holds onto fragrance very well. Avoid direct hair spritzing, though, and instead spray the perfume onto your hairbrush. Swipe it through your locks for an even scent. You can also spritz on your shirt collar or scarf.

Scent Stacking Secrets

Perfumer Kalliope Amorphous shares that stacking different products from the same scent line is the key to a fragrance that lasts all day. Whether pairing lotion with perfume or blending perfume oil with Eau de parfum, layering will amp up your scent’s staying power.

No matter what you do, make sure you enjoy the process of finding and wearing the perfect perfume for you. There’s nothing better than finding that one go-to scent that makes people think of you when they smell it!