This Is How Long a Plank Should Be Held. No More, No Less

When it comes to strengthening your core, everyone will tell you that the plank is the way to go. And they’d be right. But, then comes the question of how long you should hold the pose, ideally not a second longer than you absolutely have to. Well, fortunately for you, experts now have the answer!

Woman doing a plank

How to Do a Proper Plank

Before you grab a timer to time your plank, you need to make sure you’re doing the exercise properly. Put on comfy clothes and place your hands and knees on the floor. Then, place your hands right under your shoulders and step your feet back. If you are a newbie, it’s best to keep your feet wider for more stability, and if you’re more experienced, try keeping your feet closer together to create a bigger challenge. Make sure that your body is in a straight line from your heels to the top of your head, looking down at the floor. Now, the plank begins. You will feel your abs, quads, and glutes tightening, and it’s time to take a deep breath and hold.

Man doing a plank

The Perfect Time to Hold a Plank

If you’re looking for a straight answer, you’d be disappointed. Experts say that it’s best to plank daily for anywhere between ten seconds to a minute. The right amount of time for each person depends on their overall physical condition and preparation. The key isn’t to aim for time length but to ensure that you’re holding the plank correctly, even if it’s only for 15 seconds.

Many professional trainers suggest aiming for three series of planks, each lasting 20 seconds. Those who are just starting out should start small and gradually increase the time they’re able to hold the pose. You can, for example, aim for six series of ten seconds with ten seconds of rest in between to relax the muscles.

Man and woman doing planks

Why Planks Are So Important

The main benefit of planks is that they let you strengthen your core muscles. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), these include your back extensors, internal and external obliques, obliques, transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, and the multifidi. Keeping these strong is essential to helping the body function properly. According to experts, core strength provides balance and stability by also improving your overall strength, endurance, and vigor. So, even if you are not big on working out, doing a plank every day can go a long way to help you improve your overall health and well-being.

A TikTok Video Is Brilliantly Capturing Parenting In Every Decade

A dad has gone viral on TikTok by showing the differences between parenting during every decade since the ’50s. The dad’s name is Kevin Laferriere, and he is one half of The Dumb Dads duo. Recently, he has shared a video highlighting the different ways dads did parenting in each decade. It cleverly shows how the dad’s role has shifted.

Kevin Laferriere Shows On TikTok How the Role of the Dad Has Shifted Over the Decades

Kevin Laferriere The video starts in the ’50s with a black and white filter. The dad asks to help his kids with their homework while holding a drink, explains how he makes over four thousand a year, and has a hard time recognizing the kid from all the others he has. Next is dad parenting in the ’80s. Here, the filter changes to remind the viewers of VHS and an old camcorder. The dad is watching sports on the TV while holding a drink in a comfortable holder. The picture on the TV isn’t clear, and he yells to his son to go on the roof and move the antenna.

The video then jumps to the ’90s and shows the more relaxed way parenting was done back then. The dad rushes into the house and tells the kids there are leftovers in the fridge for food as he leaves for someplace. He adds that he’ll see them tomorrow and runs right back out the door, reminding his kids to do their homework.

Parenting Today Looks a Lot Different On Laferriere’s TikTok Video

The Dumb Dads duo during their podcast The final clip on the viral TikTok video is about parenting today. It shows a dad sitting in the house and talking to his kids about consequences and punishment. The dad explains how he would give his kids a consequence instead of a punishment and remarks that he doesn’t know the difference between the two. He clarifies that it is supposed to teach them something, but he doesn’t know what. In the end, the dad asks the kids to pick up their toys.

The video resonated well with the fans who follow the two funny dads. It now has well over 130,000 views on Tik Tok and hundreds of comments of other parents talking about how parenting is now very different than it was for their parents.