Here Are Two Simple Sleep Hacks for Falling Asleep Easily

Most people have experienced difficulty going to sleep at some point in their life, but that is not a reason to worry about anything because there are simple tricks people can use to fall asleep. Trying too hard to go to sleep can trigger the law of reversed effort, meaning that the harder one tries to do something, the less likely success starts to seem.

Here Are Two Simple Sleep Hacks for Falling Asleep Easily

Sleep Can Be Achieved Easily

Many people have sleep problems, and there are many articles and books about combating those. They all include advice about sleep hygiene, like avoiding coffee or watching TV. Here, you can find two simple, different techniques that are about falling asleep. The first is the easiest one, and it works most of the time. The trick is about getting into a lift on the top floor of a skyscraper with an LED indicator showing the number of the top floor, like 300. Then, the person using the technique should imagine how the lift goes down, and each floor number changes on the LED indicator until it reaches the first floor. Actually, anyone trying to do that will probably fall asleep before that point.

Sleep Problems Can Be Overcome

Losing count when using this method is also not a problem because you can just start again at any higher number. Still, if that technique doesn’t work, you can just continue straight into the second technique. This can be done by mentally walking out of the lift and along a street through a rotating door into a large store.

The second method is about imagining one’s self in a busy department store with hundreds of people, hustling, bustling, and carrying things around on their heads, struggling towards the payment area. Imagining yourself going through the jostling crowds to the top of an escalator and going down with it to the bottom and wandering aimlessly with the people until reaching an empty room with a big, comfortable bed is the point here. In that perfect place, you can imagine going to sleep, and this can have the actual effect of falling asleep.