There Are Easy Ways for People to Be More Active Without Caffeine

Many people like to be active throughout the entire day and use caffeine to supposedly fuel their body and brain and keep going. However, that is not real energy, and the result often is late nights and early morning calls, which only leads to further dosing to keep the fire burning and propelling the cycle day after day.

Caffeine Dulls the Body’s Response to Sleepiness But Doesn’t Give Energy

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In truth, caffeine has nothing to do with the boost the human body feels after consumption. It is an adenosine-receptor antagonist that dulls the response of the body to sleepiness, and the feeling people get when tired. This is why people say they feel stimulated and alert, but it is in fact a biohack that is addictive and has a negative effect on sleep quality.

There Are Natural Methods People Can Use to Keep Themselves Active

In order to live optimally healthy lives, people must get restful, restorative sleep every night. This is crucial to fuel the brain, heal the skin, and give tons of energy for the body to use every day. Getting good sleep is nothing too special because it is a natural part of a healthy, realistic lifestyle that the body needs. Unfortunately, people also like to consume delicious lattes and get going with their day, and building up good sleep habits takes time. Still, the benefits of good sleep are so incredible that when they become habits, they set the body up for a lifetime of better energy levels and sleep.

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There are practices that help the body wake up without caffeine. Some of those include getting light within fifteen minutes of waking up, taking fifteen deep breaths, or simply moving around. Mindful meditation, yoga, herbs, and anti-stress activities can also contribute to feeling better and having better energy levels. Hydrating is also very important for the early morning moments. The skin, lymph, and brain all get a boost from good hydration after sleep.