The Lives of Three Women and Their Ways of Controlling Migraines

woman dealing with migraines

Migraines are a chronic condition that countless people live with daily and learn to manage. If not dealt with and managed properly, it could mean that the individual suffering from it has to lie still in a silent dark room, avoiding any triggers. But that’s rarely the case. People have lives to live, with or without the condition, and several women share their secret methods to overcoming this more-than-intense headache and moving forward with the day!

Alicia Holloway – Migraines, No Problem!

Alicia Holloway - dancer

One of the women to speak up about the chronic condition that keeps so many people down and averts them from living a healthy, normal lifestyle confesses that she was diagnosed at only 12 years old when she looked out the window, and her vision went black. She had other symptoms and later found she was experiencing everything a stroke patient would. As a dancer and her own boss, she found a way to be graceful and focus on the positive rather than thinking about all the side symptoms that come with the condition!

A Mother of Two Manages

Annie Sloan - mother of two and CEO

Annie Sloan, a mother of two and a busy CEO, says that a salty-sweet snack and submerging herself in hot water while having an ice towel around her neck works miracles when she feels her migraines coming. She is a very busy woman, responsible for the people who offer you all kinds of extra features on your stay in Airbnbs, but she finds that the stress can’t take her down the wrong path if she doesn’t allow it!

Cara Thompson Knows Best

Cara Thompson - chef for the Gerber Group

Another woman who shares her ways of dealing with migraines is Cara Thompson, a corporate chef for a large company. She fell in love with cooking at a young age and has been in the business for over 20 years while dealing with the palpable condition. She is a woman who is always on her feet, and even if she gets a minute or two to relax in the freezer and drink some coffee – she can go about her day peacefully. Her secret is drinking an espresso with a squeeze of lemon and sparkling water – it does the trick every time!

When you’re experiencing migraines, it’s important to know what your body needs to feel calm and continue with the busy day. These women have found ways to carry on with the condition and make it look graceful and not such big of a deal! They suggest listening to your body and doing what’s necessary!