Taking a Kid-Free Vacation Can Only Strengthen the Family

Parents love their children, there’s no doubt about it. But before kids, there was only you and your partner. You shouldn’t lose sight of that, even when you have children. You must find time to take a vacation on your own – just the two of you! That way, you can recharge and make the love you have for each other, and your children, even stronger!

Taking a Kid-Free Vacation Can Only Strengthen the Bond and Relax You Relax – Get to Sleep In

For most couples who have children, it’s a blessing to get some sleep. Most would call that opportunity the best vacation ever, and they’d be right. If you take a few days off with your partner, you get to wake up whenever you want – not when your young children demand.

Recharge Your Batteries

If you want to be the best for your children, you have to be the best for yourself. Balancing mental, physical, social, and emotional health can be done with the kids, but a break from mundane life can help you be better for your kids. Never forget to recharge yourself first! If you allow enough time to get back to your healthy self, your children will appreciate it.

A Reconnecting Vacation

Having children can cause plenty of stress for you and your partner when everyday chores get in the way, along with everything else. That’s why it’s important to take time and be alone with your partner – remind yourself of the love and strength both of you have together.

Eat Wherever and Whatever

When you’re with your children, you must monitor what food and drinks are served in front of you. You have to eliminate particular food options and even restaurants in some cases. But going along with your partner on vacation means you can eat wherever and whatever you want!

Pace and Activities

If you’re off on holiday with your partner, you can choose the activities and pace that suits you. When you’re with children, you have to consider their limitations and pace. Without kids present, you can choose to go sailing, jet-skiing, or hiking, or you can choose to stay on the beach with refreshing drinks all day – every choice is up to you and your partner!

No one will doubt that you love your children if you choose to leave them behind for a few days and enjoy a nice, relaxing vacation with your partner. Give yourself a chance to recharge mentally and physically and reconnect. The healthier and happier you and your partner are – the better it’ll be for the entire family, including your children.

Ryan Gosling Set to Reprise His Role for ‘The Gray Man’ Sequel

When Netflix’s latest spy thriller The Gray Man hit the streaming platform in July, all eyes were on Ryan Gosling who slipped into the shoes of the infamous Sierra Six, a CIA operative who fights to survive after the agency turns on him. The action-packed film was so well accepted by viewers that Netflix rushed to announce a sequel and a spin-off.

Ryan Gosling Set to Reprise His Role for 'The Gray Man' Sequel

Ryan Gosling at the Center of The Gray Man Universe

Although Gosling has previously shied away from action movies, he recently shared in an interview that he was just looking for the right script to come along. And that’s exactly what happened with the Russo brothers’ The Gray Man. Not only that but he was also paired with Chris Evans as the villain. When talking about the film, Joe Russo said that it was extremely rare to get two giant actors like Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans to star alongside each other.

Fortunately for the Russo brothers, Evans was “at a point” where playing the villain was more entertaining to him, and that’s how the audience ended up watching “a Ryan Gosling versus Chris Evans movie.”

After the fantastic reception of the film, Netflix was quick to announce “a sequel with Ryan,” as well as one more script that we’ll soon find out more about. The Russo brothers also shared that The Gray Man was always intended to be a part of an expanded universe, and it seems like Ryan Gosling is at the center of it, at least for now.

An Intriguing Storyline

The synopsis of the first film is rather simple — the Gray Man, a.k.a. CIA operative Court Gentry, better known as Sierra Six, gets recruited by his handler from a federal penitentiary. In exchange for no jail time, he has to become a “highly-skilled, Agency-sanctioned merchant of death.” And so he does. Until a former cohort at the CIA (Chris Evans) is hired by someone within the Agency to take Gentry (Ryan Gosling) out.

But, it’s in that simplicity, great acting, and magnificent action sequences that viewers fell in love with. It seems like less really is more in the world of spy action movies.