Beyoncé Wore Interesting Clothing on Her Recent Renaissance Tour

Beyoncé is an icon when it comes to music, lifestyle, and even parenting. Her fashion choices don’t fall too far behind. She has been on stage and in the spotlight for a long time, and if one thing’s certain, it’s that she knows how to work the crowd. She holds a passion for having fun and doing any show justice! That’s why she blows up every concert and tour!

Beyoncé Wore Interesting Clothing on the Recent Renaissance Tour

Beyoncé Is Iconic

She has a wonderful music career for herself. People have also always admired her for a lot more. Her marriage to Jay-Z has lasted a long time, and they have three beautiful children to show for it. They also have charities, concerts, and so much more together. Their oldest daughter, Blue Ivy, learns so much from her mother, including style. And they also have younger twins. There are many photos of the happy family together on different occasions, and just like the Queen herself, all of them always look impeccable!

Beyoncé Is Iconic

The Lovely Renaissance Tour

The tour of all tours – the Renaissance Tour featuring Beyoncé and her knack for highly impressive performances and fashion choices, kicked off in May in Stockholm, Sweden. It has been quite a ride, and the star most recently shared some photos from the Huntington Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. She stunned everyone when she appeared on stage with a pink metallic ensemble composed of a corset-inspired bodice, short-shorts, and cropped jacket with lapels. She looked like a stunning, real-life Barbie!

The Lovely Renaissance Tour

No Less Than Perfect

Audiences rejoiced when they saw Beyoncé in the pink metallic ensemble, but she didn’t stop there. She wanted to make an even bigger impression. Her second look of the night was a custom-made Alexander McQueen one-piece. It was see-through with black polka dots. And on the left side, starting from her ankle to the top, was a metallic horse that reached across her leg. The mane of the horse was made from silver sequins and stretched up to one arm to the back.

Chicago’s Dramatic Look

After posting pictures on her Instagram of some of the styles from her show in Minneapolis, Queen B went on to post some more. This time, they were from her Chicago leg of the tour, where she once again stunned with eccentric fashion. One of the pictures showed her in a black minidress with an off-the-shoulder cape that flowed down her arms in waves. It was covered in feather details that shone perfectly in the light.

Chicago’s Dramatic Look

Beyoncé has many more stops on her Renaissance Tour. She completed the European leg and has moved on to the USA. Fans can expect to see more outrageous, stunning fashion choices from her and more of the catchy, powerful music that has taken over so many hearts over the years!

A Blogger Got Real About What it Takes to Be a Good Mom

Most women have had those moments when they’ve wondered whether or not they were doing a good job at motherhood. One Australian blogger, Laura Mazza, has made it her mission to help people with an answer. Known for being especially candid, Mazza is a mom of two who’s currently being applauded for one of her Facebook posts in which she lets all mamas know that they’re enough.

A Blogger Got Real About What It Takes to Be a Good MomBlogger Laura Mazza Teaches Mothers to Be Proud of Their Efforts

In one of her inspirational posts, she shares how she had a tough day, so she fed her son nuggets. She explains that this doesn’t make her a bad mom in any way. She also points out how while her best friend would co-sleep with her babies, that doesn’t mean they’ll be sleeping with her forever or she was a bad mom. Mazza also says that one parent from her playgroup fed her kids organic and wheat-free food while another gave her kiddiwinks and points out how both of them were awesome.

Mazza Is a Blogger Who Encourages Parents and Mothers

Mazza is a blogger who believes raising kids isn’t an easy task and is a believer in doing whatever has to be done to make it to the next day. To her, this includes feeding the kids formula, saying bad words, or serving the kids supermarket cake for breakfast. In her post, she admits to having done all of these on occasion and points out that these things didn’t really count. According to Mazza, life is all about the kids, and the fact that people worry about them just proves how amazing they are.

Mazza also writes that mothers shouldn’t worry about social media or what the neighbors think they should be doing because doing one’s best to be a responsible mother is enough. The blogger goes on and explains that she knows people who judge for stupid things like they actually matter but stresses out that these things don’t matter at all. She knows that mothers beat themselves up about the things they do and teaches that they shouldn’t because they’re probably actually nailing it.