How to Ease Into a Postpartum Exercise Routine After Birth

How to Ease Into a Postpartum Exercise Routine After Birth

Postpartum exercise requires specific research and consideration. Getting back to exercising may not be the easiest task, but there are ways to help you succeed. In this article, we share tips on safely easing into a routine again. Follow them for optimal results, and thank us later!

When Should Moms Start Exercising?

According to the American Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), if new moms had a normal delivery, they can get back to light walking within a few days of giving birth.

The recommended time is 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week. It means you can go for 20 to 30 minute walks each day. However, you should start slowly.

Getting Started

In the beginning, you should try taking a five minute walk and see how it feels. If there’s no bleeding or other issues, add a few more minutes for the next couple of days. During this time, it’s important to not carry your baby in a front-facing carrier or push them in a stroller.

Getting Started

After walking every day for a week or two, you can add slow upper body stretching or a postpartum exercise class, but only after consulting with your doctor. If, however, you have had a C-section or complications, you’ll need to take things slower. Discuss things with your doctor about when it’s safe for you to begin exercising.

Benefits of Exercising After Pregnancy

Exercise makes you stronger and protects your body against some chronic medical conditions. Therefore, postpartum workouts are essential and may even speed up your recovery.

There’s so many things that exercising helps with, from improving your sleep and energy levels to helping you manage weight and strengthen weak abdominal muscles. It can even help with mental health issues like stress and postpartum depression.

Steps to Take

While you’re waiting for your doctor to give you the green light, you can think of a post-pregnancy workout plan by following these few steps: introduce workouts slowly, make sure bleeding has stopped, trying different types of exercise, and of course keeping your body well hydrated. Don’t jump straight back into your workout routine immediately after giving birth. Wait for a bit and don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning.

How to Start Postpartum Exercise

A simple walk is more than enough. If you experienced heavier bleeding, that means your body still needs time to heal. Apart from light walking, you can also include gentle strength exercises in your routine. You can go for a postnatal yoga class or baby-and-me exercise classes. See what works best for you and try to stick with it. Staying hydrated is also crucial, as this will help eliminate common postpartum ailments. If you’re breastfeeding, you will need even more water. About 16 cups each day are recommended for nursing parents.

How to Make Joanna Gaines’ Delicious Tiramisu Recipe at Home

If you’re tired of the apple and pumpkin season recipes, this refreshing treat is just what you need. A delicious take on a timeless classic, Joanna Gaines’ tiramisu recipe will become your new favorite. It’s easy to make, and you can assemble it up to a day ahead if you’re preparing to have guests over. You’ll need simple ingredients — whole milk, egg yolks, sugar, whipped cream, vanilla, mascarpone, ladyfingers, and, of course, coffee and rum. The last one’s optional.

A slice of tiramisu cake How to Make Tiramisu at Home

Joanna says it’s best to start with the custard. Add whole milk and egg yolks in a saucepan over medium heat. Whisk constantly and add sugar. When the custard gets a pudding-like consistency, it’s good to go. Place it in a bowl and cover with a plastic wrap directly on top of the mixture to avoid forming a skin as the custard chills in the fridge (for at least half an hour).

Now it’s time to make the whipped cream. Add heavy whipping cream to a chilled metal bowl and add some sugar and a splash of vanilla. Whip it with a mixer until it’s nice and thick. Transfer it to the fridge to chill together with the custard. Take out the mascarpone cheese while you’re at it, so it’s at room temperature when it’s time to use it.

Arranging ladyfingers in a pan

Grab your designated tiramisu pan and arrange ladyfingers at the bottom until they cover the base completely. Make coffee and add rum, then grab the custard from the fridge and fold in the mascarpone until you get a smooth texture.

Assembling the Tiramisu

applying custard on the soaked ladyfingers for the tiramisu The most exciting part is assembling the tiramisu. To start, generously coat the ladyfingers with the coffee-rum blend until they are nicely soaked. Then, spread half of the custard mix and half of the whipped cream.

dusting cocoa powder on top of the tiramisu

Add another layer of ladyfingers and repeat the process once more. To top things off, dust the top layer with cocoa powder and allow the dessert to chill overnight or at least for six hours. Serve with hot coffee and fresh mint leaves for extra flavor.